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.Walden Watershed Wellness Environmental Conference

From: Gwen Doyle, Communications Coordinator

Walden-CAN 705-692-3021


April 30, 2012


Thank You Letter To The Editor



‘Walden Watershed Wellness’

...Working Together Towards a Sustainable, HEALTHY Environment!


Walden-CAN’s FREE Environmental Conference on April 21st was a huge success thanks to the support of:


Our Sponsors & Community Partners: Councilor Jacques Barbeau, Vale, Lively District Secondary School, the City of Greater Sudbury, Battistelli’s Your Independent Grocers, Culligan, The Sudbury Credit Union, Walden Animal Hospital, Hia Media, Lively IDA, Walden Medicine Shoppe, AMEC, Jim’s Portable Toilets, Tim Hortons Lively, Walden Home Hardware, Walden Today and 1st Waters Scouting Group.


Our Speakers: Dr. David Pearson, Franco Mariotti, Dr. Gerard Courtin, Dr. Charles Ramcharan, Linda Heron, Paul Sajatovic, Nick Benkovich, Stephen Butcher and James Baxter-Gilbert


Julie Ozawagosh, Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Elder who closed our conference by sharing teaching about the ‘Water Walk’ and blessing the water


Our Conference Committee: Walden-CAN, members of Community Groups/Lake Stewardships/LDSS, Franco Mariotti and Dr. Gerard Courtin


Our local Media who helped us promote our FREE Environmental Conference.


And people of all ages who participated in ‘Walden Watershed Wellness’.


 “...The enthusiasm of the participants was inspiring...it was a great learning experience for everyone...I’m sure that the knowledge & awareness of how our watershed works will encourage people to protect & work collaboratively towards keeping our watershed healthy for future generations”


Neelje Van Roon, Chair Walden-CAN











‘Yellow Fish Road Program’...Part of Walden-CAN’s FREE Environmental Conference!

On April 21st, during the ‘Walden Watershed Wellness’ Conference, students from Lively District Secondary School will be participating in the Yellow Fish Road Program. This program is designed to promote watershed awareness.

Students will be painting yellow fish next to storm drains in the Lively community in order to remind the public that whatever enters the drains will flow directly into the nearest water body completely untreated.

Soaps, fertilizers, pesticides, oil and construction materials can impact all aquatic life as well as humans that depend on their local water body.

Door hangers will also be distributed throughout the community in order to inform residents about the Yellow Fish Road Program.

LDSS Lake Panache Project!

As part of a project, funded by Learning for a Sustainable Future, the students of Lively District Secondary School (LDSS) will set out to see what the state of their largest community lake is, and determine how other students and members of the Lively community can understand their role as stewards of the lake.

An action plan was developed which included community activism, scientific inquiry and a media awareness campaign.

In terms of community awareness, LDSS wanted to determine what the current level of knowledge was in regards to water quality in Panache and assess how this knowledge could be improved. Students were recently surveyed and results were tallied. The information campaign is underway at the school and students will be surveyed again in order to determine whether the goal was successful.

Through scientific inquiry, students will conduct water testing to confirm that the data that they were seeing in Lake Panache was consistent across the lake.

Lastly, the media awareness portion of the project will involve the creation of an informational animated video highlighting the project's efforts and achievements.

Melissa Little, Science Teacher

Lively District Secondary School


Public Service Announcement


Walden-CAN Hosts FREE Environmental Conference

‘Walden Watershed Wellness’ April 21st



On Saturday, April 21st Walden-CAN and Councilor Jacques Barbeau will be hosting our FREE Environmental Conference- ‘Walden Watershed Wellness’ from 8am – 2:30pm in Lively District Secondary School.


Topics for our conference include: Understanding Watersheds [Plenary Session], Is Your Greenspace Protected? What’s The Dam Problem on the Vermilion? Blue-Green Algae & Lake Stewardships; Invasive Species & the Impact on Sudbury Watersheds; Water Quality & Wastewater and Reptiles & Amphibians Conservation: Citizen Science.


Our Speakers include: Dr. Dave Pearson, Franco Mariotti, Dr. Gerard Courtin, Dr. Charles Ramcharan Linda Heron, Stephen Butcher, Nick Benkovitch and James Baxter-Gilbert


Everyone is welcome to attend our FREE Environmental Conference but you must Pre-Register to participate so that we can work out all the logistics & determine the costs etc well ahead of the conference. All refreshments and a “Brown Bag’ Lunch will be provided for our Registered Participants.


Watch for our Pre-Registration Form/Fact Sheets at the Lively Citizen Centre; print it from our website www.Walden-CAN.com or save the Form to file, fill in the info and email it to waldenenvironmentalconference@gmail.com


For details call Neeltje Van Roon, Chair, Walden-CAN at 705-866-0048




Gwen Doyle,

Communications Coordinator







                         ©2006 Walden CAN