Friday, September 14, 2007

Satellit Site will continue to provide Mental Services in Walden!

Satellite Site will continue to provide Mental Health Services in Walden!

The Walden-Community Action Network is pleased to share the good news with residents of Walden ...

"...That a satellite site will continue to operate in Walden. We (HRSRH) recognize the importance of locally available services to our clients.

...While the current Walden Help Centre will close in mid-September, Brenda Punkari will be relocated to the Lively Medical Centre to continue to serve clients and families from the Walden area who have mental health counselling needs.

...These services can be accessed through the exisiting phone number 692-5831 or throught our Central Intake & referral Services at 523-4988."

These are excerpts from the Aug.27 ,2007 Letter to Clients, Patients and Families of the Walden Help Centre from Maureen McLelland, Administrative Director, HRSRH Mental Health & Addictions Program...forwarded to the Walden-CAN Executive Committee- as follow-up to our meetings during the spring, with Sudbury Regional Hospital (HRSRH) & the Northeast Mental Health Centre (NEMHC) - concerning the future status of Walden Help Centre.

You can read the complete letter , posted on our Mental Health Page of this website.

"...If you have any questions or require further information, please speak to the staff of the program(s) that you currently attend, or call 523-4988 Ext. 4270"

Gwen Doyle, Co-Chair, Walden-CAN

Friday, March 02, 2007

Ministry of Health Says “No” to Shared-Care Pilot Site at Lively Medical Center!

On Feb.27/07, Dr. Koop informed the Walden-CAN, that the Lively Medical Center had just received notification from the MOH<C that their Application re: Shared-Care Pilot Site Initiative was not approved. There would be no ministry funding to hire a Nurse Practitioner/s to enhance primary health care services in Walden.

The Walden-CAN would like to thank everyone who took the time to write emails &/or letters to the MOH&LTC in support of the LMC' Application. We tried our best to explain how ministry funding to hire a Nurse Practitioner/s- as part of the team at LMC- would have had an immediate, positive impact on primary health care services in Walden; for the ‘orphaned’ patients of retired, Dr. Carscadden and the many individuals and families without any Family Physician.

Unfortunately, only 6 Shared-Care Pilot Sites were to be approved for funding – in all of Ontario and Lively Medical Centre was not chosen.

Perhaps when the 6 Shared-Care Pilot Sites prove to be successful, there will be other opportunities for Fee-For-Service Family Physicians to apply for MOH<C funding to hire Nurse Practitioners.

Gwen Doyle, Co-Chair Walden-CAN