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Dear Sudbury Tourism Partners,

It's time to send in your events for the January Sudbury Discoveries Menu. Please send any activity, event, or good news item our way, even if you aren't quite sure it will fit into the Sudbury Discoveries theme.

We can't always fit everything into the menu, but we will do our best to post it on our social media. You can also add your events to the Sudbury Tourism online events calendar at:

I look forward to hearing all the great things you have planned for January.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Happy Holidays! 



Marie Edsall
Technical Coordinator, Sudbury Tourism

City of Greater Sudbury
P.O. Box 5000, Station A
200 Brady Street
Sudbury, ON  P3A 5P3
Telephone:  705-674-4455, extension 4412

Toll free: 1-866-451-8525

Fax: 705-671-6767

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Greater Sudbury Development Corporation Grand Sudbury Société de développement

Citizens Invited to Apply for Appointment to Arts and Culture Grant Juries

The City of Greater Sudbury recognizes the value that arts and culture contributes to the community with investments through the Arts & Culture Grant Program. The Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) is seeking 12 citizens for appointment to its two Arts & Culture Grant Juries to enhance the GSDC’s decision-making process through community engagement.

Jury Objectives

Working with the Business Development Officer for Arts & Culture, both sets of jurors will have the role of reviewing and evaluating applications submitted annually to the City of Greater Sudbury Arts & Culture Grant Program. The juries will recommend a fair allocation of the available funds based on the assessment criteria laid out in the Arts & Culture Grant Policy. Jurors should have regard for the City’s commitment to supporting the growth of the local arts and culture sector. The GSDC Board will receive the juries’ recommendations to determine and finalize funding allocations.

Jury Composition

Jurors will be selected with consideration to fair representation of cultural/artistic disciplines, gender, generations, and cultural diversity. Nominees must be residents of the City of Greater Sudbury and at least 18 years old. Appointments to the juries are unpaid volunteer positions.

The Operating Jury will evaluate applications to the Operating Grant Stream based on three criteria: artistic/cultural merit, community impact/benefits and organizational/financial health . In addition to representation from the GSDC Board, the jury will be composed of two professional artists, two administrators from arts and culture organizations and one community member at large.

The Project Jury will evaluate applications to the Project Grant Stream for special or one-time activities. In addition to representation from the GSDC Board, the jury will be composed of two professional artists, two administrators from arts and culture organizations and three community members at large.

Nomination Process

Written or e-mail letters and résumés may be addressed to Emily Trottier, Business Development Officer and e-mailed to emily.trottier@greatersudbury.ca. All letters should clearly indicate your reasons for wishing to serve on the jury, which of the two juries you wish you serve, and a list all direct affiliations with local arts and culture initiatives.

Deadline for Applications

December 15, 2014 at 4:00 pm.

City of Greater Sudbury

Ville du Grand Sudbury




CP 5000 SUCC A








.on.ca Greater Sudbury Development Corporation Grand Sudbury Société de développement

Mandate & Responsibilities

The Jury will oversee the evaluation process for the grant allocation recommendations that are submitted by arts and culture organizations on an annual basis. Members of the Jury will agree to undertake the following responsibilities:

Read materials and participate actively in deliberations and discussions.

Evaluate applications based on the assessment criteria laid out in the Arts & Culture Grant Policy.

 Recommend a fair allocation of the available funds.

Seek to fully understand the future potential scenarios for the community and the implications, both positive and negative and have regard for the City’s commitment to supporting the growth of the local arts and culture sector.

 Endeavour to think broadly as a community member, setting aside personal interests.

Seek consensus through a respectful exchange of ideas.

Operating Procedures

 The Jury term will expire on June 30, 2016 unless extended by resolution of the GSDC Board.

 Vacancies that arise during the Jury’s term will be filled by the GSDC Board at its discretion.

It is expected that the Jury will meet regularly at Tom Davies Square during the deliberation period. The time and date of these meetings will be determined by the Jury. Circumstances may require special meetings or jury consultation via email; these will occur with approval by the co-chairs.

Notice of meetings will be provided by staff in a timely manner. Agendas and minutes will be circulated one week prior to each meeting.

 Quorum for the Jury will consist of five members.

Funding for grant administration will be provided by the City of Greater Sudbury and the GSDC.

The Jury will abide by the GSDC Conflict of Interest Policy and members of the Jury will abide by instructions on confidentiality when requested by a co-chair.

The jury is required to provide a final report with funding allocation recommendations to the GSDC Board for approval no later than June 2015.

Time Commitment

The juries will meet regularly at Tom Davies Square to assess grant proposals beginning in March 2015 until all funding allocation recommendations have been made by June 2015. These recommendations will be reviewed and finalized by the GSDC Board of Directors.


Emily Trottier, 705-674-4455 ext. 4429, Emily.Trottier@GreaterSudbury.ca



Rainbow District School Board seeks volunteers

for Special Education Advisory Committee


Rainbow District School Board is seeking applications to fill positions on the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) for a period of four years, beginning January 2015.


SEAC advises Rainbow District School Board on matters related to special education. The Committee is comprised of volunteer representatives from parent and community associations as well as two Board Trustees. Meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the school year.


Associations or organizations of parents/guardians that aim to further the interest and well being of one or more groups of exceptional children or adults are asked to nominate one person (and one alternate) to represent that association.


The Membership Committee will consider all applications and make recommendations for appointments to the Board. To be considered for a position on the Committee, please phone the Board Office for a nomination form at 705.674.3171, ext. 7216.


The deadline for applications is Friday, December 5, 2014.


Please forward applications to: Kathy Wachnuk, Senior Administrator of Special Education Programs and Services, Rainbow District School Board, 69 Young Street, Sudbury, ON P3E 3G5.



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