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Walden -Can Newsletter Spring 2009February 28th--Deadline for input for the Walden-CAN Spring/Summer 2009 newsletter.
Please include any information pertinent for April 1st thru to the end of August, as it is unlikely that we will publish during the summer months. 
Please respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call Jennifer at 692-0141 by Feb 28th. There will be another 'request for input' during June for information pertinent for the autumn months (Fall 2009 publication). That deadline will be July 31st...............think ahead!Jennifer Carlisle
Walden-CAN Newsletter Committee
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New Editors! New team! New Focus for Walden-CAN Newsletter!

We have received a good deal of input on our decision to go to an electronic version of our Walden-CAN Newsletter and as a result, we have decided that we will continue to mail paper versions to all Walden households for the foreseeable future.

 Thank you to all who willed out the Fall Newsletter Survey and found a way to get it to us.

 We have also decided to revamp our Walden-CAN Binders to enable you to find the information you need and to include a permanent Comment Envelope. The Binders will therefore be unavailable until early January. They will be accessible at the following locations in 2007: Lively Citizen Centre/Library/Walden Seniors & Pensioners Inc., Walden Day care Centre, Naughton Community center/Seniors center, Penage Rd. Community center and Beaver Lake Sports & Cultural Club.

We are gathering ’Copy’ for our Jan./Feb/Mar./07 Issue so please email your articles, information/details re: special events, programs, activities etc to me atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Laurie Brownlee, Editor

Walden Ski Centre

Thanks to the City of Greater Sudbury, work on the ski lift has begun over the summer.It is expected the repairs will be completed well before the snow flies. So skiers and snowboarders should get their equipment tuned up in preparation for this year’s season.
Volunteers will be called upon in the next few weeks for a “Brush up the Hill” event to remove the overgrowth. The Ski Hill Sub-committee will soon hold a meeting to establish a formal club/executive and decide how we would like to operate the hill in terms of shared responsibilities with the City.

The committee would like to sincerely thank those volunteers who have answered the call to get involved and help out with this project, the Mayor and Councilors for their continued support, the City staff who have helped to keep this project in motion, the Walden-CAN for their support, and in particular, a special thanks to Richard Bois for his time, leadership and guidance.

Let’s all look forward to a snowy season! Please call Ron at 692-4658 or Barb at 692-9398 if you would like to volunteer or be involved in any way.



This will be the last edition that is mailed to every household in Walden!

Please go to the last page to fill out details if you wish to remain on a hard copy mailing list or if you wish to receive the newsletter by e-mail. You can also look for past and future editions on our website:
and limited numbers of printed copies at our sites around Walden.Next Walden-CAN Regular Meeting:
October 10, 2006
7:30 p.m.
MeadowbrookWebsite: Visit us at:
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Thank you to:
Julie St. Onge from Efficient Sudbury for her presentation at the September 12 meeting.

For more information about this energy conservation program visit the Earth Care page on the City of Greater Sudbury website at:

Four Laning of Highway 17

There will be a public input meeting held on Oct3 , 4:00 the Countryside Arena to get input on the future four laning of the SW By-Pass from Kantola Road east for 13.3 kms. The purpose of this study is to identify a four lane highway plan for the SW By-pass with access restricted to interchange locations only.

 For more information see:

At the end of this study a Transportation Environmental Study Report will be prepared and made available for public viewing. Throughout the study process the Project Team welcomes the public's comments and suggestions. Two Public Information Centres will be held where comments can be made.See Walden-CAN website   for our page for this project

The Sudbury 100 Mile Diet
By Aaron Dent and Allison Muckle

Over the past few months, you may have heard about the exploits of Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon in the news as they spent the last year of their life on the “100 Mile Diet” in Vancouver, BC. The 100 Mile Diet consists only of food grown locally, specifically food produced within 100 miles of one’s home for a set amount of time (one meal, one day, one month, one year, etc). For those who wish to learn more about James and Alisa’s year on the diet, they have created a website that documents their journey and also posts stories and information about eating locally.

Two Walden residents have been inspired to take up the challenge in our neck of the woods. Although many people consider Northern Ontario to be a poor farming area, they are trying to prove that it is possible to eat a diet consisting only of local food. Aaron Dent and Allison Muckle started their diet this past Labour Day. They decided to expand their diet to 130 miles to include products such as cheese and wine.

After discovering many great sources of local food over the past two months (as well as some frustrations!) they are now several weeks into the diet and will be sharing some of our food sources and stories online at

In addition, Allison and Aaron have organized a Local Harvest Feast in Sudbury on September 24th where local farmers, consumers and friends will sit down together for a pot luck meal where all the ingredients are sourced within 150 miles of Sudbury. Other cities including Toronto, Calgary, and Saskatoon have all tried similar events with lots of success. A big thank you goes out to Tom Reid (aka the Nickel Chef) for hosting the event at his restaurant Vinegar on the Rocks.

Walden CAN Environmental Committee
By Aaron Dent

Over the past few months, the Environmental Committee has been meeting once a month to learn about what environmental initiatives are being undertaken around the Sudbury Area. We have also been asking for local Walden environmental issues to get involved with. After researching what is out there, we were able to develop a mandate (listed below) for what our role in the community would be.

1. To tackle Walden specific environmental issues 
2. To lobby the City to make positive environmental change by acting as a role model for the public
3. To educate and assist businesses and people in Walden about how to lessen their impact on the environment
4. To lobby on behalf of the various environmental groups if there is a particular issue that is important to the community of WaldenRight now we are tackling the following issues: pesticides in Sudbury, energy efficiency of municipal buildings, as well as other smaller issues. If you are interested in learning more, or in joining the committee, please email Aaron Dent at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 692-0457.

Walden Art Club presents their 14th Annual 
'Artist in Action' Show & Sale

Saturday November 4 12:00 until 8:00 Sunday November 5 10:00 until 4:00
Walden Arena (Upstairs at the Tom Davies Community Centre)

What makes our 'Artist in Action' show so different from any other shows in the area is that our artist in the Walden Art Club will be working on a watercolour painting, collage, acrylic, pastel, ink, pencil, encaustic and/or mix media throughout the whole show. This will give the community a chance to see us at work.

Although our clubs Objective is mainly original paintings and drawings the 'Artist in Action' show allows our Artist to show their versatility in other forms of art and some of our artist will have reproductions, photography, cards and other artisan works. 
This up coming show is different than our annual 'Spring show' where the focus is on original framed works of any medium. For further information, contact Kerry Mitchell, Walden Art Club (692-7612)


The Wild at Heart Refuge Centre is pleased to announce that they will soon be getting a new home! Wild at Heart is a registered charity located at the Walden Animal Hospital that provides veterinary care and rehabilitation to injured or orphaned wild animals from Northern Ontario. Some of the animals treated this past year include moose, deer, lynx, owls, hawks and songbirds.

The new facility will include more room to care for wildlife as well as an education centre open to the public! Visitors will be able to view exhibits, take a tour and see some of our wildlife patients through one-way glass. Wild at Heart will also be offering on-site educational programming for schools and other groups. Outside the facility will be new enclosures where our wildlife patients can recover from their injuries, including a large flight cage for raptors such as hawks and owls, aviaries for songbirds and enclosures for mammals.

Because Wild at Heart is committed to protecting wildlife and the environment, our new facility will be built using environmentally-friendly materials and methods including: Walls constructed from straw bales, alternative energies, water and energy conserving systems and building materials made from environmentally-friendly products.


Wild at Heart needs help from people like you to build our new home! You can help by “buying a bale” of straw. This symbolic donation will be put towards the completion of our new strawbale facility. We need 1000 bales to get our building up, so spread the word! Each “bale” is $50 and donors will receive their name (or the name of a loved one) on a plaque inside our new facility and an invitation to attend our “Bale Raising” in 2007. If you would like to “Buy a Bale”, please call Johanne Jamieson, Wildlife Technician, at 692-4478. 
If you would like to learn more about Wild at Heart, please visit our website at

Heritage Committee Update

On September 25, a public meeting was held at the Tom Davies Arena, to receive reaction to the 17 publicized recommendations addressing issues concerning Heritage and the Future of the Anderson Farm.

In a highly productive, well-attended meeting, presentations were received from concerned citizens, community groups, businesses and local politicians.

Staffing, budget, maintenance, vandalism, trails for leisure use, rezoning, programming, governance and the need of a visitors centre were some of the areas addressed during the two and one-half hour session.

The committee will now take the suggestions and the input received at the meeting and incorporate them into the recommendations. The revised package will be forwarded to the Walden CAN Committee for their consideration and support.

The Heritage Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to speak, write or present their ideas to us throughout these last several months while this report was being compiled. We earnestly hope that we have captured the flavour and content of your suggestions. We would also like to acknowledge the time taken by citizens, groups and organizations to attend the Public Meeting concerning the future of Anderson Farm and making their feelings known on the issues that the Committee believed to be important.

Expanded comments are available at 
Marte J. Holouka, Chair Walden CAN Heritage Committee

All Candidates Meeting will be held OCT 17 at 7:30 pm at Meadowbrook Village - Plan to Attend
What You Told Us at June and Sept/06 W-CAN Meetings…
Here is a partial list of the suggestions you had for us to investigate:
  • Bus Service scheduling changes and improved/expanded Handi-Transit Bus Services
  • Need better access to City Information and Improved Communication in the Community
  • Start early advocating for better snow removal policy along roads
  • Safety Issues in Walden:
  • Entrances to Meatbird Lake and from Highway 144 to Lively
  • The Railway Crossing at Santala Road and Old Soo Road (sightlines)
  • Raise concerns about noise from By-Pass across from Neimi Rd: planted trees as a Noise Barrier
  • Input into Proposed 4 Lane Highway Construction: Tree Planting and other Noise Barriers
  • Environmental Issues:
  • Earth Day Activities- education in the schools
  • Improve aesthetics of Town
  • Ensure 5% Playground designation is implemented
  • Bike Paths/Routes healthier for the environment

Youth Services Topics: Skateboard Park, Playgrounds, Location/improvements for Youth For Youth
Look for full listings and details on the Walden-CAN Website:



Our Lounge is open Monday-Friday from 9:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
Monday........1 pm Bridge; 6 pm Hand and Foot canasta
Tuesday.......9:30 am Shuffleboard; 1 pm Knitting and Hand Work
Wednesday..6 pm Cribbage; The 3rd Wednesday of every month from September to May, monthly dinner meetings. Both potluck & catered.
Thursday.....1 pm Bowling at Pine Hill Lanes; 6 pm Euchre 
Friday.........1 pm Bridge
Saturday.....6 pm Cards (sometimes $1.25 per player)
Ladies Aux. Coffee and Craft Sale: November 1st from 9:30 am to 12 Noon. 
Looking for new members. Anyone over the age of 50 is more than welcome. Our membership fee is $10.00 for the season.
If anyone would like further information feel free to call the Center any weekday morning from 9:30 A.M. to 12:00 noon Contact 692-5591
NAUGHTON SENIORS & PENSIONERS Contact Pat Scott 692-5287
PENAGE ROAD SENIORS Contact Jean Kulmala 866-2442
BEAVER LAKE SPORTS & CULTURAL CLUB Contact Brenda Salo 866-2919

… to the organizers of the 1st Annual Walden Fall Fair, held on September 2, 2006 at Anderson Farm. Thanks to all of the volunteers and the generous sponsors of this community event. Look for details soon on the Walden-CAN website:

See your Fall/Winter 2006-2007 Leisure Guide for a full listing of Community Contacts on pages 6 through 11.

 Don’t have a Leisure Guide?  Call 671-2489 or visit the City’s website at:

Did you know?... that you can now post your Community Events on the Walden-CAN website? 
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