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Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Newslette21615.pdf

CLS - Project Impact...See Groups present their Projects, Connect in Person & Cast Your Vote March 7th

Project Impact is all about supporting small community projects that make a big difference.

Groups and individuals from all over the city are pitching wonderful projects, from milkweed to murals to community gardens to picnic tables to bird houses to banners to neighbourhood signs to sweetgrass to yarnbombing to kids clubs to little free libraries and more!

Which projects will receive funding and volunteer time? It’s YOUR choice.
Join us March 7, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. at the Parkside Centre (140 Durham) to see groups present their projects, connect in person, and cast your vote.

For more info, see:

Donations are welcome to add to the funds available and enable more of these great projects to be funded:

Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Feb. 2nd Newsletter

Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Action Update12315.pdf

Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Newsletter11615.pdf

Coalition For a Liveable Sudbury Jan.8th Update: Public session - municipal budget 2015


Hullo all,

This message is going out to our CLS group members and other like-minded groups.


Just a quick FYI that the city clerk is now taking names for the speakers list for the public session on the 2015 municipal budget, to be held the evening of January 20 at city hall, 4-9pm.   This public session gives citizens and groups the opportunity to comment on the budget and make budget requests.  


To get on the speakers list, cal  3-1-1 and ask for the clerks' office.  Each speaker/group has a maximum of 5 minutes to speak.   Written submissions can also be submitted to the clerk's office.  


f you would like your submission (written, or ppt for your oral presentation) to be included in the agenda (and in the written material given to Council), the deadline is noon of January 13.


The final deadline to give a ppt to the clerk's office to use on the 20th, is noon Jan. 19th.


Written submissions will be accepted until Feb. 6.


Written submissions can also be made on-line Jan.12 - Feb. 6 at


The draft capital budget will not be available to review until Feb. 3 (possibly the Friday before when the agenda is posted).


Here is the schedule for the budget deliberations:


Here is the city notice for the public session:


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury will be making a submission based on local green priorities.  For the budget, we will be especially focused on annual funding for watershed studies and cycling infrastructure, and increased funding for transit.  We will also be emphasizing that these items are not 'extras', but instead should be part of the core budget.   As should be reliable funding for Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, Connect the Creek, and Rainbow Routes.


If you are making a submission, and would like a mention of support from CLS, or mention of specific items in our newsletter, please let me know.


If your group may be interested in signing on the CLS submission to give strength in numbers (as we've done in past years), let me know.  (Signing on to a group submission in no way restricts your group from making its own submission).






Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Newslette115.pdf

December 2014

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MNRF Surveys


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Season's Greetings Pat!    ORA needs your help!!

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is asking for input on their Bait Policy Review.  Deadline for comments is tomorrow - Friday, 19 December 2014 - by 11:59 pm - so please act now!

The introduction of non-indigenous species is considered one of the greatest threats to global biodiversity.  Once an alien species is established, eradication is seldom possible.  Therefore the focus of the Provincial Bait Policy must be to prevent new introductions of alien species, pathogens, parasites and microscopic invasive species from occurring.

The economic impact of a heavily regulated baitfish industry must be considered; however, it is imperative to weigh this against the economic impacts of an out-of-control aquatic invasive species such as a Zebra Mussel or Carp infestation that could carry far greater costs when considering the potential loss of a multi-million dollar fishing industry. 

The release of live bait into the wild is a common occurrence despite the fact that it is illegal, and it is impossible to effectively patrol and regulate this activity throughout the thousands of lakes and rivers across the province.  ORA is therefore recommending that there must be much stricter regulation placed on the bait fish industry to protect all rivers, creeks, lakes and wetlands in Ontario.  

The primary purpose of the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006 is to permanently protect the best examples of Ontario's ecosystems and to manage them in ways that ensure their lands, waters, native species and natural processes are maintained or restored.  It is therefore necessary for the Provincial Bait Policy to support this purpose.  However, we need to protect all freshwater.

ORA encourages you to click on each of the links below to complete a quick survey for each posting. Please choose the Options that provide the highest protection to all our waterways.

Please consider supporting ORA's important work through a paid membership or donation.   Thank you!




Copyright © 2014 - Ontario Rivers Alliance - All rights reserved.

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"A World of Healthy River Ecosystems"





Coaliton For A Liveable Sudbury...Announcing Project Impact!


Small projects can have a big impact

Project Impact is all about supporting small community projects that make a big difference.  


Project Impact will support small projects that will be completed by fall 2015.  The maximum funding that can be requested is $500.  Funds can be used for small stand-alone projects, or for aspects of larger projects for which other resources have already been secured.  Which projects receive funding will be decided by residents – so this is also a great way to get people excited about what you do.


The application deadline is January 30, 2015.  Fill in the attached application and send it via e-mail as an attachment to


You can download the application, and a list of project ideas at:


Project Impact is open to informal groups, and individuals as well, so share the link with friends and neighbours.  Let’s get people excited about making good things happen!


I’ll send round another reminder in January, after the holidays, but I wanted to make sure you all had time to put this on your January agenda if you wished, and to have fun daydreaming about possibilities….


Happy Christmas everyone – enjoy a wonderful holiday break!




Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury NewsletteDec1.pdf


Artists on Elgin launches refreshed Picture Our Lakes contest at Downtown Sudbury Art Crawl

SUDBURY, ON – November 17, 2014 – Artists on Elgin will officially be launching the new and refreshed Picture Our Lakes contest during downtown Sudbury’s Art Crawl being held on November 20 from 5:00 p.m. to

8:00 p.m. The Picture Our Lakes contest is now looking for painters of all ages and abilities to create the 2016 calendar! We have decided to change it from a photography contest to an all media painting contest! All submissions must still feature an identifiable water body and need to be taken within the boundaries of the City of Greater Sudbury.

The paintings which will be created into the calendar will also feature an exhibition of the top pieces at the winners’ reception when the calendar is revealed. The contest aims to raise awareness and appreciation for the natural beauty of Sudbury’s water bodies, while encouraging the public to get involved and support the arts.

Digital submissions of the paintings are to be made through Artists on Elgin’s website where you can also find all the details and rules regarding the contest at

Artists on Elgin is located at 168 Elgin Street, and is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Artists on Elgin will be open from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday November 20 for the Art Crawl.

Artists on Elgin is a project of its parent organization, The Northern Artist Gallery, where artists can exhibit, promote and sell their work in an attractive and professional gallery space. Artists on Elgin aims to build mutually beneficial partnerships between the artists and the community by addressing the business and marketing needs of the local art industry. Artists on Elgin is the ideal place to find that perfect gift for any occasion. Visit us online at, or visit our Facebook Page to stay up to date with what we’re doing.

– 30 –

Media Contact:

Courtney Natale

Business Promotions Coordinator

The Northern Artist Gallery/Artists on Elgin


168 Elgin Street

Sudbury, ON

P3E 3N5




Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Newsletter11 17 14.pdf

 Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Nov. 10th Action Update


 Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Nov. 3rd Newsletter

Oct. 27th Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Action Update.pdf


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Newsletter October 20, 2014


CLS Action Update
October 14, 2014

1. Voices Chez Nous Art opening and exhibit

We all have stories to tell, but what would those stories look like transformed through art? Come find out!

Myths and Mirrors Community Arts and Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury invite you to Voices Chez Nous at Cambrian’s College’s Open Studio, 93 Cedar St. (suite 303), downtown.

Opening: Saturday, October 25, 9:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Join us for refreshments & community art.

Exhibit: October 25 – November 7.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays: noon – 3:00 p.m.
Wednesdays: 5:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. Join us to enjoy the exhibit and add to it if you choose.

Closing: Wednesday, November 5, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Join us in celebrating the full exhibit.

Interested in helping to man the exhibit during opening hours? Contact us.

2. Internet voting begins today
Already know who you’re voting for in the municipal election? Internet voting opens October 14 – October 24.

Information on how to vote on-line is in your voter package, which you should have received in the mail, from the City.
Not sure if you’re on the voter’s list? Check here:
Telephone support for on-line voting will be available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. from October 14 to October 24, by calling 1-855-378-0099.

Bright idea

What if we designed our roads for everyone’s safety? When someone is hit by a vehicle, the chance that they will be killed or seriously injured goes up dramatically with speed. Narrower roads are safer roads because they slow down traffic and cause drivers to drive more carefully and pay more attention to their surroundings.
And guess what? When lanes for cars are narrower, there’s room for separated cycling routes and better sidewalks!

Read the argument and evidence for 10 ft versus 12 foot traffic lanes:






Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Newsletter October 6, 2014

 Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Action Sept.29th Update

News from Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee


A.) Our next Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee meeting will be Monday, Oct 6, 7-9pm, Living with Lakes Centre.

B.) Not sure who to vote for in the next election October 27? Here are some resources.

1. All candidates website. Compare platforms of all the candidates in your ward at this one stop website.
2. Good Green Town hall for all Mayoral candidates. Wednesday, October 1, 6-7 pm, meet and greet councillors.
7-9 pm Mayoral Town Hall.  Here's your chance to meet your candidates and ask your questions around green issues, climate change and citizen engagement.
3. Town hall for Ward 10 candidates. Thursday, October 16, 7-9pm, Royal Canadian Legion (2200 Long Lake Rd., Sudbury).
4. Town hall for Ward 11 candidates. Monday, October 20, 7-9pm, Royal Canadian Legion (1553 Wellar St., Sudbury).

C.) Some good news! RLSC applied for and was granted $2500 from TD Friends of the Environment to build a rain garden in collaboration with Laurentian University. A rain garden will help filter water coming from LU and going into Ramsey Lake. Planting will start next spring so stay tuned if you've got a green thumb.


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury Newsletter914.pdf




May 12th CLS Newsletter


Earthcare May Newsletter.pdf

PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release April 17, 2014

In Celebration of their Respective 100th and 10th Anniversary, the University of Sudbury and École secondaire

du Sacré-Coeur Plant 100 Trees for Earth Day

SUDBURY – The University of Sudbury and Sudbury’s École secondaire du Sacré-Coeur will highlight their common history and links during an event on Tuesday, April 22, for Earth Day. Their collaboration will allow them to plant 100 trees, generously donated by Collège Boréal. This green event will begin at 10:30 a.m. on the grounds of École secondaire du Sacré-Coeur (261, Notre Dame Avenue, Sudbury). Presentations pertaining to Earth Day will be given by Marcel Bénéteau, Coordinator of the Folklore program at the University of Sudbury; Kevin FitzMaurice, Chair of the Indigenous Studies Department at the University of Sudbury; and Mélanie Smits, Aboriginal Education Consultant at the Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario.

The collaboration between the two institutions is not a mere coincidence since they share a common history: in 1913, the Society of Jesus established a classic college for boys called Collège du Sacré-Coeur. Through the years, the Collège would become a centre of excellence in education for Franco-Ontarian youth and would take the name of University of Sudbury in 1957. The Collège itself closed its doors and ceased offering secondary school education in 1967. In recognition of the long-standing Catholic Francophone tradition of this historical site, the Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario opened in 2003 the new École secondaire du Sacré-Coeur on the very same grounds where the former college once stood.

The University of Sudbury and École secondaire du Sacré-Coeur are proud of their common history and links they have woven throughout the years.

About the University of Sudbury

As Northern Ontario’s longest-standing postsecondary institution and a member of the Laurentian University Federation, the University of Sudbury remains committed to a focus on a liberal arts education by providing programs in journalism (French only), folklore (French only), religious studies, philosophy and Indigenous studies. Detailed information about the University’s programs as well as this year’s centennial activities can be found at

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Noel Paul de la Riva

Communication Officer, University of Sudbury Communications Coordinator Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario

705 673-5626, ext. 294



 April 14th CLS newsletter

CLS Action Update

1. Come out in support of safe & convenient walking, biking and transit, April 14, 4 p.m., Tom Davies
To see safe and convenient cycling and pedestrian infrastructure included in road projects, it is essential that the needs of walkers and cyclists are carefully considered for every project.
The Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel is tasked with advising Council on how our City can be safer and more convenient for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. Yet, currently, they have no opportunity to share that perspective, and their expertise, in regards to road projects and new subdivisions.
Road projects continue to look at the needs of drivers first and foremost.

On Monday, April 14, 4 p.m., in Tom Davies, rm C-11, the Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel will present to the Community Services Committee

Come out to support their request to be meaningfully consulted on the 2nd Avenue reconstruction plans, and on all major infrastructure projects.

2. Help us out at the Earth Day Festival, coming up April 26
Saturday, April 26 is the Earth Day Festival, hosted by reThink Green at Sacré Coeur school.
Our booth will be all about giving people the chance to share their vision for Sudbury –what they value, what positive change is needed.
Let us know if you can:
- volunteer at our booth for an hour or two at the festival
- help prepare our booth

3. In response to public outcry, reconstruction on Second Avenue is now expected to include more appropriate cycling infrastructure and a pedestrian crossing. Request meaningful consultation with cyclists and residents so that final plans meet their needs as well as possible

Thank Council and the roads department for considering appropriate cycling infrastructure and pedestrian crossing for the reconstruction of Second Avenue.
Ask for meaningful consultation with the Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel, the Sudbury Cyclists Union, and the Minnow Lake Community Action Network so that the best plans possible can be brought forward to residents at the public meeting planned for later this month. Let’s get this right!

Find your councillor’s phone number at:

E-mail all members of council at: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
CC key roads&infrastructure staff: ;
CC local media: ;

4. Save the date – our AGM is coming up May 26, 6-9 p.m.
Our AGM is an opportunity to get an overview of our work this year, and to help set the direction for the year to come. It’s also a great chance to meet and talk with like-minded people. Save the date!

To unsubscribe to our newsletter and action update, please reply and ask to unsubscribe. Thank you.





March17-14 CLSnewsletter.pdf

CLS Action Update

For many families, this is March break, and there is lots to do outside and around town. Why not bring a camera along and send us a quick video or slide show of some of your favourite local activities and places?
Send us the link to your video, or some pics to
For more info, or to view others’ submissions, see Chez Nous on the Rocks:

Save the date: our next meeting is Monday, March 24, 7 – 9 p.m. This is preceded by a Planning Committee at Tom Davies, 5:30 p.m. which you may also wish to attend. A proposed development in the Ponderosa floodplain will be discussed, and the lake capacity study report will be presented by staff.

1. Security guards will now greet people coming in to council or committee of council meetings, and may also search bags as people enter. Do these new security measures concern you? Let your councillor know.

Find your councillor’s phone number at:
E-mail all members of council at:;;;;;;;;;;;;
CC to local media:;

To find out more about these new security measures, read:

2. A by-law intended to ensure safe sight lines limits hedge height to 1m. A report reviewing this bylaw is expected to come to Operations Committee. Let members of council know that this bylaw should assess safe sight lines, NOT arbitrarily limit shrub height.

If enforced, this bylaw would make our community significantly less green – for no good reason.

Find your councillor’s phone number at:
E-mail all members of council at:;;;;;;;;;;;;

To read about a recent incident that drew attention to the need for a review of this bylaw, see:
To see the by-law for yourself, see Table 4.1, pg. 4-6 of the zoning by-law:

Note that an amendment by councillor Kett was passed by Council that has reduced the fee to appeal.

3. Ask the provincial government to pass Bill 83, the Protection of Public Participation Act, 2014.
This proposed law would protect citizens from meritless lawsuits known as SLAPPs – Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. SLAPPs are deliberate attempts to silence and intimidate citizens, and to prevent them from exercising their right to speak up on environmental issues of concern.

Phone your MPP:
Rick Bartolucci: 705-675-1914
France Gélinas: 705-969-3621
You can also send a message to party leaders through Ontario Nature:

For updated info on other meetings and events, see this week’s Social Justice News:



March3-14 CLS newsletter.pdf

                                             New CLS Project...Chez Nous on the Rocks!

Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury is very excited to launch our video project today. Chez Nous on the Rocks explores what Sudburians love and value about our community, and our positive vision for the future.

You can find it at: We’ll be posting new content regularly, both our own, and submitted by individuals or groups, so don’t forget to check back!

Our first theme is “people making good things happen.”

All of you make a positive difference in our community, and I encourage you to share the story of a special project, event, or other effort that you think has been especially meaningful.

Individual submissions are also welcome, so share the invitation with your members as well!

You don’t have to be video savvy to make a submission. Here are a few different ways people or groups can send in their story:
1. Upload a video to YouTube (or other platform) and send us the link
2. Use tools available on YouTube to create a video from a collection of photos, and send us the link
3. Send some photos and a short description, and we’ll create the video
4. Send us a power point presentation, and we’ll create the video.

Submissions should be sent to French submissions also welcome. Under 3 minutes is a good length to keep people’s attention, or roughly a dozen photos or power point slides.



CLS Action Update

1. Know of a great community project or event, or someone with a great vision for Sudbury? Invite them to send us a submission for our video project: Chez Nous on the Rocks.

We are very excited to announce that tomorrow is the launch of Chez Nous on the Rocks, our video project exploring what we love about community, and what positive change is needed.
Have a sneak peak at:

Our first theme is “people making good things happen”.
So have a look AND think of who you know making good things happen – whether a wonderful community project, or an awesome event – and send them an invitation to share their story!

You don’t have to be a videographer to submit content – check out the instructions on the webpage.

2. Help bring rain garden & green infrastructure expertise to our community!

It’s almost March, which means our rain garden workshop is getting closer. Rain gardens help keep our lakes and waterways healthy. While also reducing the risk of flooding.
Know a landscaper, avid gardener, or community group who may be interested in a rain garden? Invite them to register for our March 31 Rain Garden workshop.

Register on-line:

OR call 705-691-5538.

3. Do you rely on transit to get around, or would like to? You might be interested in attending the Friends of Sudbury Transit meeting this Thursday, Feb. 27 from 7:00-8:30pm at the ERC at reThink Green, 176 Larch St. The ERC is now reachable from Larch St and is on the third floor above Eat Local Sudbury.

Don’t forget to come find us at Seedy Sunday, 10am – 2pm, at the Parkside (YMCA entrance, downtown).

For updated info on other meetings and events, see:

On the agenda at City Hall this week

Tonight – the Planning Committee will be considering an application under the Brownfield Community Improvement Plan, to provide incentives to reclaim a contaminated site and put it to good use:

Tomorrow - Council will be asked to make a decision on “Options for Disclosure Mechanisms on the Use of Personal Funds by Members of Council”
Options for Disclosure Mechanisms on the Use of


Feb17-14 CLS newsletter.pdf

New Lake Water Quality Model
Thursday, February 20 from 5-7 p.m
in room C-11 at Tom Davies Square. This model may become the standard for how the City decides the development capacity of a lake. Everyone is welcome.


Minutes of our Meeting Feb. 5, 2014

1. The proposed development off Keast is still in the planning phase. No meetings have been set with the Planning Department. It was noted that in 1994 the Ramsey Lake Community Improvement Plan identified this land as a key property for acquisition by the city. See Map I attached.


2. There is no news about a Ramsey Lake Watershed Study. The City is still having internal discussions on how to best use the $35K set aside by Council for this work.


3. Ice fishing hut brochures are available and some have been distributed. A few went to the School of Architecture to be handed out with the ice huts they are creating for auction.

4. The City has retained Yallowega Bélanger Architecture to look into the redevelopment of the parking area at the now closed St. Joseph Hospital. Generally, the proposed plans will involve adding some greenery to the parking area and making it more accessible. Attached are some photos of the possible designs. Input will be possible once Yallowega Bélanger posts this info online.


5. Discussions are ongoing for a motor-free boating day on Ramsey Lake in May in conjunction with the rowing and canoe club. We still need to talk to the yacht club. If anyone wants to help with this event, please let me know.


6. We received a letter from a resident concerning the high speeds of some boaters on Ramsey Lake. He has asked the City to post another sign at the boat launch with more details about current boating laws and what is expected of boaters. We'll wait to see if the city does anything. It is possible the RLSC could produce one.


7. Our next meeting will be on Monday, March 17, 7pm.

CLS Action Update

1.  Lots of new event notices for this week, that didn’t come in on time for last Monday’s newsletter

Including a meeting of the Sudbury Working Group of the Media Co-op this Thursday, and the Sisters in Spirit March this Friday

For details on these and other events, see: <>  

2.  Help us out at Seedy Sunday

Seedy Sunday is coming up March 2, 10 – 2, at the Parkside (downtown).

A seed swap, cool speakers, and generally a great way to get a head start on spring and gardening!  

If you would like to help prepare our booth, and/or take a shift at our booth to help out for an hour or two on the 2nd, please let us know.

For more info on Seedy Sunday, see: <>  



                                                       CLS Action Update

Come join us next Tuesday:

1. Come have a sneak peak of our first video and help us make it better!
We will be meeting to view the first video draft and get input and suggestions.
Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1:00 - 1:30pm, in the ERC (176 Larch, 3rd floor)

2. Join our election working group – first meeting next Tuesday
The election working group will meet to get started, so that we can get our election webpage up and running.
Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1:30 - 2:30pm, in the ERC (176 Larch, 3rd floor)

Our aim is to make it easy for citizens to find out about the candidates and the issues that matter to them, to make an informed decision on voting day, and/or to get more involved if they wish.
The municipal election is scheduled for October 27, 2014.
If you can’t make it out to the meeting, but would like to be part of this working group, let us know.

3. If you'd like to add your 2 cents to the future of Bell Park, and the parking area next to the former St. Joe's hospital, put Jan. 30th on your calendar.
The city is holding an open house this Thursday, 4-7pm at Tom Davies.

4. Write a better letter to the editor – intested in a workshop?
Letters to the editor contribute to public discussion and decision making. If you’re interested in learning how to write letters to the editor, let us know. A workshop is coming up in February.

5. Sprucing up our website
We’ll be doing a bit of sprucing up on our webpage as we prepare for some exciting upcoming events.
Have a look, and let us know your thoughts and suggestions: <>

Save the date: our next general meeting is Monday, March 24, 7 – 9 p.m.
Plan to be there!
Please let us know if you require a wheelchair accessible venue.


Ramsey Lake Stewardship Meeting Feb 5

We'll be having our next meeting on Wednesday, February 5th at 7pm at the Living with Lakes Centre.

Things to discuss:
Update on proposed development off Keast
Lake Capacity Model update
Ramsey Lake Watershed Study update
Ice Fishing Hut brochures are available
Motor-free boating day this summer

Other items


CLS Action Update.pdf

Nov25-13 CLS newsletter.pdf



CLS Action Update

Get more involved!
Together, we can accomplish more, and make more of an impact.
Would you like to make that extra difference?

We are creating a short list of members we can reach out to for specific tasks such as writing a timely letter to the editor, volunteering for an event or action, or putting some time towards a project.

Let us know if you’d like to be included.

1.  Today – come celebrate and support local green spaces

The Green Space Advisory Panel will present an update of their work to the Community Development Committee of Council, TODAY, November 18, 6 p.m., room C-11, Tom Davies.  

Many new green spaces have become part of the parks system.

Many valuable green spaces need to be championed.

Come out to find out more, and to show your support for green spaces.

2.  Video project – video workshop tomorrow

Have you been considering helping take some video for our CLS video project?  Gregory Tremblay will lead a worshop on basic video and video interview techniques tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 19) afternoon (12:30 – 3:30), downtown.

Contact us to take part.

3. Letters to the editor – need a hand?

We need more voices in our local media calling for the type of City we want to live in, whether it’s celebrating successes, sharing a vision, or raising concerns.

We are partnering with the Sudbury Cyclists Union to offer a workshop on writing letters to the editor, so that more people feel comfortable doing so.

Interested?  Let us know.

4. Have your say on the future of the Bell Park parking lot – a chance to depave a part of Bell Park

The City of Greater Sudbury will host a public open house on Thursday, November 21 to collect creative ideas and suggestions for the redevelopment of the former St. Joseph’s Hospital parking lot.

Residents are invited to drop by the foyer of Tom Davies Square at 200 Brady St. anytime between 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on November 21, 2013.

Residents not able to attend the open house may provide their input and suggestions online by visiting <> .

Coming up:  

Panel Discussion on Poverty in Sudbury

Thursday, November 21, 7pm.  Main branch, Sudbury Public Library (74 Mackenzie Street

Discuss how and why community members should fight poverty in Sudbury.

Panellists include George Stephen (formerly homeless, now a speaker/advocate) and Professor Carol Kauppi from Laurentian Univeristy who sits on the homelessness coalition



Nov4-13 CLS minutes.pdf

Nov 11-13 CLS newsletter

Oct 28-13 CLS newsletter


Oct 14-13 CLS newsletter

Sept9-13  CLS minutes.pdf

September 16 CLS newsletter

September CLS newsletter.pdf

June CLS newsletter.pdf


CLS Action Update June 10, 2013

Some opportunities to give important input to the City, and an invitation to share your thoughts about what kind of change you’d like to see.

1. Have your say on the municipal budget
Let Council know what your priorities are when it comes to the City budget.
Come out Tuesday, June 18 to Council Chambers, 6 – 9 p.m. Anyone can speak.
You can also send in written comments to

The CLS will be joining other like-minded groups in asking that adequate funding be provided for: a community garden coordinator, protecting priority green spaces, completing watershed studies, and safe & convenient sustainable transportation (with a minimum of 1% of the capital roads budget for priority cycling infrastructure).
We will be presenting 9th (~in the first hour) – come out to show your support for us and others.

2. Have your say on how we get around
Have a look at what is planned for roads and active transportation for the City.
Come out Wednesday, June 19, anytime between 4 and 7 p.m., at Tom Davies for the Public Open House on the background transportation study of the Official Plan.
If you want to improve walking, cycling, and transit in Greater Sudbury, plan to be there!

The CLS and others will be watching for:
- the inclusion of transit in transportation planning
- equal consideration of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and drivers, including a complete streets policy
- cycling routes included on the transportation schedule mapping, so that they are included in regular roadwork

Interested in what approach staff will be recommending in protecting our natural environment in the Official Plan?
Come out Monday, June 24, 5:30 p.m., Council Chambers. Staff will be presenting their approaches to growth and settlement, and to natural heritage to the Planning Committee

3. Sudbury Voices: Share your vision!
The Sudbury working-group of the Media Co-op wants to hear what kind of changes fellow Sudburians want to see in our community and in our world.
Write a few paragraphs, do a video blog, design an image, or find some other way to express your answer to the question, "What kind of change would you want to see in your community and world?".

Post it yourself at (make an account).
Or - email it to
Or, get in touch to set up an interview.

Here are some questions you may like to reflect on: What are some of the ways that our community, the broader society, and the various levels of government fail to reflect your values? How does that impact you? What values do you feel should guide us as a community and society? What should we be doing to create the changes we want to see? How does/can change occur?

This is your chance to add your voice to the on-going community conversation about what kind of future we want.


Conservation Sudbury - Municipal Newsletter pdf


Watershed Study Motion Passed!

May CLS Newsletter pdf



What a great outcome last night!

Here's a recap of what happened:

  • Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee worked on a brochure explaining why we needed a watershed study of Ramsey Lake. We printed 2000 brochures and volunteers brought them door to door. Wow, 2000!
  • Terry Kett proposed a motion be brought to Council to fund watershed studies.
  • Many groups signed onto a joint letter requesting the studies be funded; groups like the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury (CLS), the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance (an alliance of 17 lake, river and creek stewardship committees) and of course the RLSC.
  • Point people were asked to contact their councilors. They were from many lakes including Panache, Onwatin, Long, Richard, Ramsey, McCrae, St. Charles, McFarlane, Simon etc.
  • Many people came out to support the motion last night as councilors voted unanimously to fund watershed studies but which watersheds they will study is not clear so we still need to keep up the pressure specifically for a Ramsey Lake watershed study.

Great community effort to protect our lakes! Thanks to everyone!

P.S. Don't forget the water gathering is Thursday from 7-9pm in the Cavern. It's called OUR LAKES, RIVERS, CREEKS: ASK A SCIENTIST! Come out and hear about research done in Sudbury and discover how our lakes and landscape are unique and need extra protection.



POSTPONED! 400 ppms! Food & Four Movies...A Friend and Fundraiser


We apologize ... The date for this event has been post-poned .. We found out late yesterday that the movies did not have official Ontario Certificates for their rankings (G, PG, AA. R, X) and thus could not be shown at Rainbow Cinemas .. We are in the process of nailing down a new venue and date by early tomorrow morning .. I am back in FB only for 36 hours to sort out this minor problem .. The good thing is we have more time now to promote this event ..

We will mail as soon as we set a new date ..

The expected date is the week of June 9, 2013.

Thanks for being on the journey with us from me to WE!


National Manager, Canada's Citizens Climate Lobby
Canada's Citizens Climate Lobby Mailing Address
80 Elm St, Sudbury ON, P3C 1T2
705-523-3388 (h) ... 705-929-4043





Joint letter that went out to the Mayor and Council today.


Council of the City of Greater Sudbury

P.O. Box 5000 Station A

200 Brady Street

Sudbury ON P3A 5P3

May 9, 2013

Dear Members of Council of the City of Greater Sudbury

As local water stewards, environmental organizations, and community groups, we would like to express our strong support for the proposed motion to immediately begin work on watershed studies. Watershed studies are fundamental to healthy, swimmable, drinkable, fishable, and sustainable lakes and waterways in Greater Sudbury. These studies are needed to make informed decisions that take into account the big picture, and assess the cumulative impacts of development. Much of the background work has already been done – now is the time to complete these studies.

Water quality is a top priority and concern for residents in our ‘City of Lakes’. Enjoyment of our lakes and waterways, and access to safe drinking water, are essential to our community. Watershed studies provide the basic information needed to make appropriate planning decisions when it comes to water quality, and to protecting residents from flooding hazards. This is why water stewards have consistently called for the need for watershed studies to be completed before development decisions are made.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, in their stormwater management design guidelines, includes watershed studies as an essential part of stormwater management. These guidelines state, "Urban development without watershed/subwatershed planning is discouraged". Without this information, we are placing greater stress on the health of our lakes and rivers. Already, there are increasing numbers of beach closures, blue-green algae blooms and other serious problems that pose a threat to public health and safety. As pointed out by local experts such as Dr. Gunn and Dr. Pearson, local conditions and the impacts of climate change make it even more imperative to be proactive in protecting water quality. Acting now is much easier and less costly than trying to reverse more serious problems later.

The City of Greater Sudbury was the first Ontario municipality to enact a phosphorus by-law to protect water quality. This was a great step for our "City of Lakes". At the time the by-law was passed, many Councilors spoke about the need for further steps, especially to reduce the impact of development on our lakes. Completing watershed studies is a crucial next step. Watershed and subwatershed plans allow for smart development plans and decisions. Ecosystem functions are protected, maintaining valuable natural services that are difficult and expensive to replace with built infrastructure. Sustainable development is a matter of balance. Watershed studies are needed to find that healthy balance for a sustainable future.

We, the undersigned, urge Council to take this next essential step in protecting Greater Sudbury’s lakes and waterways.

Thank-you for your attention. We would be happy to discuss this further.

On behalf of the undersigned groups, please contact:

Lesley Flowers Naomi Grant

Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury

705-507-6477, 705-673-1874,

Linda Heron Lilly Noble

Vermilion River Stewardship Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee

705-866-1677, 705-691-5538,

Yours truly,

Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury

Fairbank Lake Camp Owners’ Association

Friends of Bennett Lake

Friends of the Roxborough Greenbelt

Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance *

Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

Minnow Lake Restoration Group

Onwatin Lake Stewardship Committee

Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee

reThink Green

St. Charles Lake Watershed Stewardship Association

Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group

Sudbury Cyclists Union

Vermilion River Stewardship

* The Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance is an association of Lake, Creek and River Stewardship Groups in Greater Sudbury (currently 17 member groups)


 May CLS newsletter pdf


Council will vote on watershed study motion May 14

Councilor Terry Kett is presenting a watershed study motion at the Tuesday, May 14 Council meeting.
We need a full Council Chamber for this one to let Council know we support this motion. The meeting starts at 6pm. Please try to attend and email your councilor if you support this motion! The motion is below.


Notice of Motion:

Whereas there is concern and uncertainty about the cumulative effects of stormwater on our area lakes

And whereas the impact of any proposed development near area lakes must be properly quantified and addressed in the light of the other proposed developments in a watershed and not considered as individual developments as presently occurs

And whereas this type of development must be considered as one of many contributors to phosphorus, salt and pollution in a watershed

And whereas sub watershed studies are required in order to make an informed decision on any development application within a watershed

Be it resolved that the necessary sub watershed studies be included in council’s priorities and that staff be directed to immediately begin these studies and to prepare the necessary budget options for the 2014 budget.


CLS April 22nd Newsletter


Evergreen Grants - Spring 2013

Taking a break at the 2012 Central West Coast planting event. Photo: Jessica Jean Hutchins.


Evergreen is now accepting grant applications for the Canon Take Root Program to support stewardship and restoration projects across Canada.

Mark your calendar! The 2013 application deadline is: May 31, 2013

The Take Root Program, a stewardship and restoration program sponsored by Canon and led by Evergreen, will provide funds of $5,000 and a Canon PowerShot camera to 30 community groups across Canada that are carrying out tree-planting projects in the 2013 Fall planting season.

Eligible projects must include at least one planting event between September and November, 2013, and result in the planting of a minimum of 250 native trees and/or shrubs.

For full information on eligibility and to download the application and guide, visit

Letter from the Director

Take Root Recipients

The 2012 Take Root recipients planted over 11,000 native trees and shrubs last year. Check out the great 2012 recipient projects that are taking root across Canada!


Ontario Streams Tree Planting Event

In September 2012, Ontario Streams hosted a tree-planting event in the Lower Humber River Marshes. Learn more...


Funder Profile

About Canon Canada Inc.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canon Canada Inc., celebrating its 40th anniversary in Canada, is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business and medical digital imaging solutions. Innovation and cutting-edge technology have been essential ingredients in Canon's success.


With almost $46 billion in global revenue, its parent company, Canon Inc., ranks among the Top 4 in US patents registered since 1994. Canon ranks among the world's Top 30 brands and is one of Forbes Magazine's World's Most Admired Companies. Canon Canada Inc. is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, providing 100 percent Canadian-based service and support for all of the products it distributes. Canon Canada Inc. is dedicated to its Kyosei philosophy of social and environmental responsibility.

For more information, visit or Canon's Facebook page.

Tips and Tools

Evergreen Resources

Evergreen has a collection of resources to help your organization!

Check out our Native Plants Database, Proposal Writing Tips, Community Greening Resources and Community Greening Guides for a wealth of information to aid you with your proposal.


Community Greening Across Canada

Since 1991, Evergreen has helped to fund over 2,000 community greening projects in parks and public spaces through our grants. This interactive map shows a selection of these projects, using data submitted by our funding recipients. Check out all of the projects that have been funded through Evergreen grants over the years. You just might be on the map!

All images in this guide were photographed by Take Root recipients using their Canon cameras at tree-planting events hosted in the Fall of 2012.

Evergreen Logo

About Evergreen

Evergreen is a not-for-profit organization that makes cities more livable. By deepening the connection between people and nature, and empowering Canadians to take a hands-on approach to their urban environments, Evergreen is improving the health of our cities—now and for the future.

Photo Credits: Jessica Jean Hutchins (top), L. Scott (Young girl planting, Garden Hospital Memorial Garden sign), Celeste Longhurst (Ontario Streams Planting).

For more information, please visit us online or email us at
Thank you for your continued support of Evergreen!

© Copyright 2012 Evergreen. All rights reserved.





Norm Blaseg, Director of Education for Rainbow District School Board, fills a water container at one of the new water refilling stations in Rainbow Schools. “As we look ahead to Earth Day, we reaffirm our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint,” says Director Blaseg. “We are proud of our efforts to date and will continue to make sustainability a priority for now and for the future.”


New water refilling stations promote sustainability in Rainbow Schools


Less bottled water is being used in Rainbow Schools thanks to new water refilling stations installed in four elementary schools and seven secondary schools. To date, more than 250,000 containers of water have been filled as Rainbow District School Board continues to focus on sustainability.


“Our goal is to eliminate the purchase and sale of bottled water in our schools unless absolutely necessary for health and safety reasons,” says Director of Education Norm Blaseg. “We continue to educate students and staff about the benefits of using refillable containers, diverting waste from landfill sites and reducing costs. The sale and consumption of bottled water has a significant environmental impact.”


Water refilling stations have been installed at Algonquin Road Public School, Princess Anne Public School, R.L. Beattie Public School, Walden Public School, Confederation Secondary School, Chelmsford Valley District Composite School, Lasalle Secondary School, Lively District Secondary School, Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School and Sudbury Secondary School.


All Rainbow secondary schools will have a water refilling station by the end of the current school year. The stations will be phased into all elementary schools by 2016.


“As we look ahead to Earth Day, we reaffirm our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint,” says Director Blaseg. “We are proud of our efforts to date and will continue to make sustainability a priority for now and for the future.”



April 8-13 CLS Newsletter pdf





OntarioRiversAllianc has shared a video with you on YouTube



You can help save Wabagishik by sharing this with your contacts. Thank you!







Green Energy be Dammed


by Vermilion River Stewardship




We all want green energy, but let's ensure it is truly green. Wabagishik Rapids is a beautiful 1 km stretch of rapids on the Vermilion River, about 1/2 hour west of Sudbury, Ontario. A developer is proposing to build a modified peaking run of river hydroelectric dam that would only produce enough power to supply about 1,600 homes. These types of dams have numerous negative impacts associated with them, and are very harmful to the riverine ecosystem. Check out this film to find out more.



©2013 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066




Linda Heron

Chair, Vermilion River Stewardship


“Community Supporting a Healthy, Natural and Sustainable River System”

CLS Action Update

1.  Help us make our display for the Earth Day Festival
We’re creating a working model to show people how steps they take at their own homes can make a big difference in the amount of run-off reaching our lakes.
We’ll be building two simple houses and yards:
One ‘standard’ home with lawn and paved driveway;
One ‘water-wise’ home with rain barrels, a rain garden and other plantings, rich soil, and permeable pavers.
Would you like to help build this display?
And/or do you have materials to donate?
Let us know!

Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee will have a complimentary display next to ours, showing impact on water quality.
Together, these will be a fun, hands-on demonstration that will hopefully inspire people to make a difference at home!

2.  Don’t forget to order your rain barrels!
Make a difference to water quality at your own home and by supporting our Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels project.
Pre-order your barrels at <>

3.  Support on-street parking on Elm Street downtown as a first step in making this important downtown stretch more pedestrian friendly
A pilot project last summer allowed on-street parking on Elm Street downtown, as one small step in making this area more pedestrian friendly.  It was well received by downtown businesses who noted positive effects.  However, some residents complained about increased traffic congestion  (traffic trips were delayed approximately half a minute).
Tomorrow, Operations Committee will decide whether to make on-street parking on Elm Street downtown a permanent step – staff are recommending against.
Come out to the meeting to show your support for a pedestrian friendly downtown (April 2, 4pm, room C-11, Tom Davies).
And/or call your Councillor and let them know that downtown streets should be people friendly, and that the downtown Elm street is not just a thoroughfare for getting from A to B.
Find your Councillors contact info at:

On the agenda at City Hall

April 2 Operations Committee meeting (4pm, Rm C-11)
-  Downtown Sudbury and DVDC will be presenting a community delegation in support of on-street parking on Elm (as done with a pilot project this summer) to calm traffic and make this downtown section of Elm more pedestrian friendly.
-  Staff are recommending against on-street parking on Elm – the Committee will make a decision at this meeting <>
-  Also at the meeting, reports will be presented on:  Issues with Handi-Transit;  downtown streetlight program; Valley East Wastewater Treatment Plant - Dechlorination Project: Full Plant Trial



CLS Newsletter April 2013



 CLS newsletter March 4, 2013

Please help CLS spread the word for our May 11 rain barrel sale, which will support our Rain Garden and Rain Barrel project in Minnow Lake. This is a great collaborative project with lots of community partners which will engage people in helping protect water quality in Minnow and Ramsey Lakes by using rain gardens and rain barrels to reduce stormwater run-off.  One key part of the project is building a rain garden at Adamsdale Public School with the students.


Rain barrels should be pre-ordered, and can be picked up May 11 at Minnow Lake Place. Delivery can be arranged for those without a vehicle.

For every rain barrel sold, $10 will go towards the rain garden project, and stormwater run-off will be reduced as well.


Orderscan be made at:


More information can be found at:







CleanUpBlitz_2013_BILINGUAL_accessible .pdf

Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee


February 11, 2013


City of Greater Sudbury

City Clerk

P.O. Box 5000 Station A

200 Brady Street

Sudbury ON P3A 5P3 SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1


Re: Applications for Plan of Subdivision in order to permit the development of Keast Drive Parcel 23065A Parts 1-6 53R-18857


File Number:  780-6/11003



To Whom It May Concern:


The Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee (RLSC) is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of the Ramsey Lake watershed and ecosystem. Our vision is to keep Ramsey Lake a drinkable, fishable, swimmable and enjoyable lake for many years to come for all Sudburians. 60,000 Sudburians rely on drinking water from Ramsey Lake now and in the future.


As a community group, we have significant concerns with the proposed development off South Bay Road and Keast Drive on the shores of Ramsey Lake and recommend that the proposed development be denied in its current state.


1. Studies not available

Yet again citizens are presented with a completed development application in the Ramsey Lake watershed without completed studies to properly assess the impact on the lake. We have no Environmental Impact Study, Vegetation Study, Species at Risk Study, Stormwater Management Plan and yet citizens are asked to agree to development for the sake of development without any facts. Individual developments are approved with no knowledge of the cumulative effects of all the developments proposed in the watershed. A comprehensive watershed study should be completed before any more large developments are approved in the watershed to better understand how a development will affect the lake’s ecosystem and water quality. Ramsey Lake is too important a lake for Sudbury for us to keep approving development with no knowledge of what the cumulative affects of these developments will be on the health of the lake and its drinking water quality.


2. Building on a floodplain

The stormwater management pond in this proposed development is in a wetland and floodplain. This does not comply with Ministry of the Environment guidelines and will not deliver the Enhanced Level of Protection required. A sewage lift station in also planned to be built in a floodplain against MOE guidelines. Citizens cannot bear the cost of fixing these costly planning mistakes. Climate change will bring such unpredictable weather that we must plan in advance for the challenges ahead.


3. Stormwater runoff

The land in question has some dense vegetation and trees, which provides water retention and filtration services but would be replaced with hard, impervious roofs, driveways and roads. It’s time we stopped relying on one large stormwater management facility and instead apply Low Impact Development techniques to improve water quality and increase permeability in the watershed. Permeable pavers for driveways, bioswales along roads, rain barrels, green roofs and rainwater gardens are just a few green infrastructure techniques that should be used in this development to clean and cool the water before reaching Ramsey Lake or more blue-green algal blooms will occur.


4. This proposed development does not fulfill the special requirements of the Comprehensive Planned Unit Development necessary to have 23m frontage and increased density

The development does not provide significant public amenities to fulfill the CPUD nor the goals of the Ramsey Lake Community Improvement Plan as required by the Official Plan. It also does not fulfill the requirement of providing more than the 5% parkland allocation. We do not consider grass around a condo as parkland nor is a stormwater management facility considered parkland. A significant stream to the south of the property is not being preserved nor is the floodplain or wetland to the east so this also does not fulfill the requirements of the CPUD. A significant rock formation on the property (Creighton Fault) and the hilly topography of the land will not be preserved (extensive blasting) thus again not fulfilling the requirements of the CPUD.


5. Steep shoreline lots

We are concerned about the problems associated with the development of the steep, rocky shoreline at the north end with relatively shallow soil cover. Blasting and vegetation removal will increase erosion and send sediment into the lake increasing the phosphorus load on the lake. South Bay residents are already suffering due to the frequent blue-green algal blooms. We would recommend that lots (lots 12-26) to the north remain undeveloped and incorporated into the parkland space as suggested by the Green Space Panel in their report. This would also preserve the one billion year old Creighton Fault as required for a CPUD.




6. Loss of habitat

Wetlands feed fish and provide cool, clean water. Pipes don’t. Proposed lots 56-61 are currently in a wetland and there is a significant stream leading to a fish spawning area. These lots should be removed from any proposed development to prevent the loss of fish habitat and to maintain the services provide by the wetland. Also, there needs to be an assessment of the possible species at risk that live on the property, such as Blanding’s turtles and Whip-poor-wills.


With so much potential harm this development can bring to Ramsey Lake and its drinking water, the Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee requests that the Planning Committee deny this application.


Request for Notice

The Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee, in keeping with subsections 17(35) and 51(37) of the Planning Act, requests to receive notice of any decision of Council related to this development proposal.




Lilly Noble

Co-Chair, Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee

(705) 691-5538


Coalition for  Livable Sudbury




 Conservation 200, rue Brady Street, Tom Davies Square Sudbury, ON P3E 5K3
~ :2> Sudbury lii' (705) 674-5249 .... (705) 674-7939
January 16, 2013
Mr. Eric Taylor
Department of Growth & Development
City of Greater Sudbury
200 Brady Street
Sudbury, ON
Dear Sir:
Re: Zoning By-Law Amendment -Parcel 23065 A, Parts 1-6, 53R-I8857, Lot 1, Conc. 2,
Township of McKim -Keast Drive (Ramsey Estates Subdivision
Please be advised that the Nickel District Conservation Authority has reviewed the above noted
The Nickel District Conservation Authority will require additional information for a Section 28
application made in January, 2011, before it can approve this application. A portion of the
property is in a designated floodplain and certain lots must be floodproofed to 251.4 metres. In
addition we need details as follows:
1. The proposed stormwater management plan as it relates to water quantity and quality.
The stormwater management pond must be located outside of the designated floodplain.
2. Details of a cut and fill analysis to compensate for the floodproofing.
3. Details of how existing drainage (creek) on Lots 57-61 will be dealt with.
4. Engineering details of the drainage outlet to be constructed to Lake Ramsey.
5. Geotechnical study to determine whether the soils can support the proposed development,
on the lots which are to be filled.
6. Soil stabilization measures to be incorporated into the development
7. Sedimentation control plan, and
7. Final lot grading plan and drainage details.
Therefore, the Nickel District Conservation Authority must review a complete application under
Section 28, for this project prior to enactment of any amendments to the Zoning By-Law, in
order for us to determine whether it is viable. We would recommend that this application be
deferred until we can review the details of the proposal.
Managing our watersheds today -for tomorrow


News from Ramsay Lake Stewardship Group

Hope you all had a relaxing break. All the best for 2013!

News about the spring phosphorus level for Ramsey Lake was released over the break. The City's spring phosphorus level for 2012 was measured at 7.5 micrograms/L. Last year, it was 6 micrograms/L. Details are here

Some work has been done on our logo so that it better reflect the lake as a drinking water source, a recreational body of water, and a habitat.
Hope you all like what our volunteer created.

Last year, we hosted a successful rain barrel sale. This year the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury ( will be hosting a rain barrel sale on May 11th. The RLSC, CLS and the Minnow Lake Restoration Group will be working together to build rain gardens in the Ramsey Lake watershed to help clean stormwater before it reaches our local lakes. The first rain garden will be built at Adamsdale School. More on the sale later.

Looking forward to working with you all in 2013 to improve the health of Ramsey Lake.



Coalition for  Livable Sudbury






Want to help plan and create a rain garden?

Ramsey Lake Stewardship Group


Hello everyone,

The RLSC will be planning and creating rain gardens in the Ramsey Lake watershed with some other partners in the city in the coming year and we'd like to know if you are interested in helping out. Please let me know. Rain gardens will help improve lake water quality. Here is a neat interactive diagram to show you what a rain garden looks like.




Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury

Community Revitalization Working Group Meeting

Monday, November 5, 2012

7- 9 p.m.

reThink Green Environmental Resource Centre


The purpose of this meeting was to brainstorm community revitalization projects that

would improve sustainability, act as pilot projects, increase public education, strengthen

partnerships, and empower citizens to make a difference. A selection of these projects

will be further investigated and brought to the Nov. 26 general meeting.



David Dubois, Naomi Grant, Rachelle Niemela, Lilly Noble, Bette Nuss, Timothy Pella,

Jacques Savard, Jason Thibeault, Fred Twilley


Paula Worton

1. Brainstorming projects

(a) Staircase park - brought forward by Timothy

Staircases are a unique feature of Sudbury – let’s celebrate them.

The Kingsmount/Wembley neighbourhood has four staircases that could be part of a

single walk, or circuit.

The proposal is to clean them up, plant native species, and connect them with a theme to

create a Stairway Park. This could include an exercise circuit with an exercise element at

each stairway.

Strengths of this proposal: the staircases and space around them is already there – just

needs to be revitalized; there is a strong neighbourhood community that can be tapped

into; supports the Healthy Community model.

Challenges: City property – may mean red tape, especially around standards for any

equipment. Consider visibility and safety for pedestrians.

Possible partnerships: Myths and Mirrors & Will Morin (community art element);

support from GSAP for concept; Friends of Roxborough Greenbelt (neighbourhood

network, and access to native plants); support from Health Unit for concept?

Other notes: Timothy knows a landscape architect he may be able to consult

(b) Rain garden – brought forward by Lilly

Rain gardens absorb storm water at the source, and filter contaminants. This means less

stress on the stormwater system; and cooler, and cleaner water entering the lake. Ramsey

Lake is under increasing development pressure, and is showing increasing signs of stress

– storm water management is a major factor.

The proposal is to put in rain gardens in the two school yards in the Ramsey Lake

watershed: Adamsdale and Pius XII. This will help to improve lake water quality, and

will have educational value by involving kids and the school community.


This can be paired with a spring rain barrel sale which will raise funds for the project,

while also contributing to positive action by residents that will also positively impact

water quality.

Strengths of this proposal: Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee will be a strong

partner, and has already done some work with both schools for the Yellow Fish Road

program. Adamsdale has already shown interest in the idea. Working in a school yard is

a great educational opportunity, both for students and the wider community. Adamsdale

is especially connected to the wider community.

Challenges: School property can mean red tape, and much more care for any safety

standards, etc.

Possible partnerships: Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee would be the main partner.

Other possible partners from a lake water quality perspective are: Living with Lakes,

Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance, and Junction Creek Stewardship Committee. Other

possible partners are landscapers (e.g. Planet Earth landscaping), and local businesses.

Other notes: The Ward 8 CAN is considering a community garden at a senior’s residence

on Lasalle – possibly include a rain garden. A bigger project RLSC would love to see

happen is a rain garden at the storm outlet near Bell Park beach (great education, needed

water filtration) – has not been able to get permission from the city. Jacques suggested

getting Living with Lakes on board – support and data collection. Timothy mentioned he

knows a landscaper who worked on the constructed wetland in the Don Valley.

(c) Connecting people to green spaces – brought forward by Naomi

People value and enjoy their green spaces. Spending time in nature is good for people’s

mental and physical health – it also makes them environmental stewards. Every school,

CAN and neighbourhood should be connected to a green space.

The proposal is to begin actively connecting people to their green spaces.

Some of the ideas discussed were: neighbourhood naming of hills and green spaces;

fostering neighbourhood connection through neighbourhood events (walks, picnics,

nature scavenger hunts, clean-ups, plantings…) in their green space; informal signs for

trees and geological features; families adopting spaces in a park to care for.

Strengths of this proposal: The Green Space Advisory Panel GSAP has done the ground

work to get this work done, and some GSAP members or the GSAP working group may

partner. Natural spaces and trails has been identified as what Sudbury residents want

most in a park. Fosters community and may lead to further improvements in the


Challenges: Any formal signage or naming would involve red tape/ city permissions.

Possible partnerships: GSAP; schools, CAN’s or other community groups near the green

space of focus.

(d) Youth led neighbourhood tours and follow-up projects – brought forward by


Three summers ago, CLS partnered with Myths and Mirrors on a similar project and it

was very rewarding. Neighbourhood kids were given digital cameras and led us on a tour

of their neighbourhood pointing out the things they value, where they spend their time,

dangers and challenges, and what makes them feel safe or uncomfortable. We looked

through the pictures and envisioned realistic projects for positive change.


The proposal is to repeat this project in other neighbourhoods, with a follow-up project

with kids and families to realize one of the changes. Best Start Hubs could be good


Strengths of this proposal: Empowers kids; great learning experience and fosters critical

thinking; media friendly – can inspire other similar projects.

Challenges: Will depend on the partners involved, the age of the kids, and the follow-up

project that comes out of it.

Possible partnerships: Best start hubs, Myths and Mirrors, schools.

Other notes: David feels that Bobbi Aubin will be very interested. With work-to-rule,

kid will need something to do.

(e) Spontaneous/informal use of parks – brought forward by Rachelle

Some parks are underused (e.g. Memorial Park). With rules about park use by groups

that can feel restrictive and over-regulated (which will get even more so with the

upcoming parks bylaw), it seems there is a need to reclaim our parks. This is our space.

We should be enjoying it freely and spontaneously. Let’s reclaim the enjoyment of our

public space.

The proposal is to sow seeds for more spontaneous, informal and joyful use of our parks.

Drumming was discussed as a great way to draw people in.

Strengths of this proposal: Quick and easy. Generate some buzz and see what happens.

Challenges: Will have to keep it informal and under the radar to avoid city red tape.

Possible partnerships: Jeff Steward – drummer, leads drumming groups.

(f) Complete streets project – brought forward by Rachelle

Sudbury Cyclists Union is/will be advocating for complete streets – reclaiming streets for

all users, and as public space. CLS has also done education and advocacy around

complete streets.

The proposal is to do a complete street pilot project to temporarily turn a downtown street

into a complete street for people to enjoy. For example, Elgin during summer Sundays.

Tie into the plans for the Elgin greenway in the downtown master plan. Be inclusive of

cyclists and pedestrians and have activities to draw people in.

Strengths of this proposal: Many good partners possible. Precedent of Ribs Fest and

other street festivals that have closed Elgin. Ties into downtown master plan.

Challenges: City approvals needed. Going against an entrenched car culture.

Possible partnerships: SCU and Rainbow Routes, Myths and Mirrors, Downtown Village

Development Corporation, GNO and artist district on Elgin

(g) Getting high school students onto city busses – brought forward by Fred

This would be an all round beneficial change. It would reduce the cost of school busses

for school boards. Sudbury transit would gain more current and future riders. Students

would gain independence and flexibility. Parents wouldn’t need to chauffeur.

The proposal is to start with a pilot project that will get more students taking the city bus.

Some of the ideas discussed were: choosing one school that is close to the bus station or

along a good bus route (e.g. Sudbury Secondary or Lasalle); start off with a class project;

get the cool kids to make it cool, stressing the freedom; get sponsors for monthly bus

passes for students who will blog, do a project and/or talk at pep rallies.


Strengths of this proposal: Bus system already there.

Challenges: Opposition from bus companies. Would have to work with school boards

for any larger changes. Parent safety concerns (stress the safety benefits).

Possible partnerships: Rainbow Routes, Friends of Sudbury Transit, Sudbury Transit

Other notes: Bette suggested talking to Steve Lucas at Sudbury Transit (new, from

Kitchener, has lots of great ideas); youth orientated marketing would bring more revenue

for Sudbury transit; most benefit for lower income; need more bus shelters; lowering

our carbon footprint; Jacques suggested starting with co-op students as they are already

using the city bus to get to their placements.

(h) Using good farmland for larger community gardens – brought forward by Jacques

later in the meeting

The Valley has lots of good farmland that is not being used for farming. Needing the

knowledge, water, and tools can be a barrier for people gardening. Community gardens

offer very small plots – there could be a need for larger garden plots. A farmer with

currently unused land may have these things to offer and make a big garden accessible.

The proposal is to approach a farmer Jacques knows regarding his interest. The vision

would be a garden big enough for 20 families.

Timothy suggested this might also be a great idea for market gardens.


N.B. another idea brought up by Naomi before, that we did not have time to discuss at

this meeting, is marking the passage of Junction Creek under the downtown.

2. Starting to narrow down which projects we want to take on – first reactions

The goal is to complete one smaller project this spring, and work towards a larger project

for the following spring.

(a) Initial reactions

- Timothy: The rain garden and youth led projects seem very do-able. The complete

streets project seems huge – there is too much education needed. Loves the idea of

connecting people to green spaces, and the Stairway Park (would work on this project in

any case)

- Fred: likes the Stairway Park project – can pick up a shovel and rake and join in.

- Jacques: the focus is on central Sudbury. He is from Hanmer where there is perfect

soil for growing food – idea for using good unused farmland for large community

gardens. Timothy was also very enthusiastic about this idea.

- Rachelle: can assist but not lead a project. Likes the complete streets project but it

feels daunting. Likes the rain garden and other gardening projects.

- David: pumped about the bussing project. Also willing to follow-up on youth led


- Jason: excited about the bussing project. They are all good ideas.

- Bette: Would love to see the complete streets project happen every summer Sunday.

Ottawa closes off 3 major parkways every Sunday for people to walk, cycle, roller-blade.

- Lilly: Will work on rain garden, Would love to see bigger storm drain project happen.

Also likes the stairway project, and the youth led project.

(b) Summary of overall interest


The projects that generated the most interest were: rain garden, youth led project,

Stairway Park, Hanmer community garden. Complete streets and bussing were also

popular, although people had reservations about the feasibility.

3. Actions

People agreed to some follow up actions to bring back further information to the Nov. 26

general meeting.

- Lilly will continue to follow up with the schools regarding the rain garden(s), and bring

the bussing idea to Friends of Sudbury Transit (Kristan may already be looking into what

has happened elsewhere)

- Timothy will consider the logistics of the Stairway Park

- Jacques will talk to the farmer in Hanmer to get an idea of whether he is interested.

- Naomi will touch base with local food folks about the Hanmer community garden idea,

with DVDC about complete streets and Junction Creek projects, follow-up with a contact

in leisure services about Stairway Park, and adopt-a-space, follow up with neighbourhood

contacts about the Stairway Park idea, and contact Best Start Hubs about the possibility

of youth led projects.

- David will follow up with Bobbi and Joel about their interest in a youth led project, and

will look into the decision making process around bussing at schools

4. Other discussion

- There was a lot of interest in the downtown master plan, and the Elgin Greenway.

- Jason brought up that there had recently been some chemical discharge in Nolin Creek

near Beatty. There was CTV coverage. NDCA spoke, but there didn’t seem to be action

taken. Worth looking into further.



CLS Newsletter

November 12, 2012

Thank-you to everyone who came out to our community revitalization working group

meeting – it was a great meeting and there were lots of good ideas. Minutes are attached

Watch for further updates at our next meeting.

SAVE THE DATE: our next general meeting is Monday, November 26, 7 – 9 p.m.

in the ERC (176 Larch, back entrance) – hope to see you there!

Now for the newsletter.

Food for thought, a new website for the City of Greater Sudbury, and have a look at the

master plan for Laurentian University – there are roads and trails in this newsletter.

Happy mid-November.


Open Public Forum on the road to storing nuclear waste

Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Bruce Hyer is hosting a public forum on the Nuclear

Waste Route in Sudbury.

Come discuss the potential of thousands of tonnes of nuclear waste being shipped

through Sudbury for decades.

When: Monday, Nov. 12, TONIGHT 7-9 p.m.

Where: St. Andrew’s Place, (4th Floor Resource Room), 111 Larch Street, Sudbury


Laurentian Parkway on the table again for the university campus

Meetings are being held this week concerning a campus master plan for Laurentian


The project kick-off will be at Fraser Auditorium of Laurentian on Wednesday

November 14 at 3-5 p.m.

The Open House on Workshop Outcomes is Thursday November 15 at West Residence

3:30-6 p.m.

Have your say on the future of Laurentian University. Attend those sessions, and send

your comments to

Anyone who values natural areas and water quality is encouraged to join others in

requesting that Laurentian trails and surrounding natural area be protected in the Master

Plan. Reject the proposed “LU parkway” which would go through one of this

community’s most highly valued green spaces. This highway would cut through

Laurentian University’s hiking and ski trails, impacting Lake Laurentian and other lakes,

and cutting this area off from the adjacent conservation area. This green space is an

essential part of the Laurentian experience and plays a huge role in athletics (especially

cross-country skiing and running) in this community, not to mention being greatly

enjoyed by residents throughout Greater Sudbury.

Comments on the “LU parkway” should be sent to and

For more info on the master plan:


Rainbow Routes update: AGM also November 14

The RRA AGM will be held on November 14, 7 pm, in room C-11 at Tom Davies


The guest speaker is Jason “The Hammer" Lane, who participated in the event Race

Across America.


Applications being sought for the new Northern Policy Institute

The Northern Policy Institute is seeking nominations and expressions of interest for their

Board of Directors. Bring a northern perspective to provincial policy. Please send a

biography or resume to by November 14.


Here’s some food for thought – and to read:

Junction Creek Waterway Park working group is publishing a cookbook to raise funds to

buy a much needed van to continue its work.

If you have any recipes to submit, please send them to

Junction Creek will publish the recipes then credit the contributor.

Send in those well-loved and tested recipes, mains, desserts, salads, or sides.

And, check out this EarthCare Sudbury Breakfast Event”

Building Envelopes for Houses – Getting it Right the Second Time Around.

Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time: 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Location: Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, 50 Brady St., Sudbury

EarthCare Sudbury Partners: Free Admission

General Admission: $15

Register at: http://us2.campaignarchive2.



Community March & Rally

Stop the CUT to the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB)

Thursday, Nov. 22nd @11:30am

Starting in front of the Sudbury Arena

16,000 people a month turn to the Community Start- Up and Maintenance Benefit

(CSUMB). It is one of the only ways that people on OW or ODSP can get housing, cover

the costs of moving, stave off eviction and obtain the basic items to maintain a home. It is

a defense against homelessness and a means by which many women and children are able

to leave situations of domestic violence. Cutting CSUMB will increase homelessness

and hardship. Speakers include John Clarke of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

(OCAP). Bag Lunches will be available.

Organized by:

Mamaweswen, the North-Shore Tribal Council and Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty

For more Information contact S-CAP at 249-878-7227 or


Brewing Workshop

November 29th at 6pm in the Rethink Green Environmental Resource center, located

behind Eat Local Sudbury. Rob Castron from Cas’s Natural Brewhouse will be

discussing fermentation of local berries and grapes. Experienced beer brewers will go

over the equipment and general processes to brew an all grain beer.

Offered by Eat Local Sudbury.


SAVE THE DATE – River and Sky AGM November 30

The AGM is open to all. 2013 memberships will be available before and at the AGM.

You need to be a member to vote, volunteer at R&S, or sit on the board and/or

committees. Watch for more info soon.


Workshopping the workshop

Grassroots: Sudbury's Media Collective will be workshopping a new writing workshop:

Wednesday, December 5, 7-9pm, Environmental Resource Centre (176 Larch Street back

entrance, but via Eat Local in front for wheelchair access).

If you would like to participate, please contact Scott Neigh,


The City of Greater Sudbury has re-vamped its website.

Have a look and let the city know what you think and whether you can find the

information you are looking for:

Note that the website has been discontinued.

However, be sure to be aware of “The Community Directory” which is updated

annually and can be found at Please make sure your

group is there and that your information is up to date (call or email Claudette if changes

are required 705-675-3894 – )


The BioSki is Back before the December full moon

Bioski will kick off the season with its annual potluck. Friday, December 7. The event

will be held at the Ski Cottage (at the very end of South Bay Road). As usual, the Ski

Cottage will be open at about 6 p.m. There are usually appetizers first, with the actual

dinner starting around 7 p.m.

Bring a headlamp to help with walking on the road before or after dinner.

If you have friends or colleagues who might be interested in cross-country skiing or

snowshoeing with us this coming season, please bring them along.

These are friendly gatherings where everyone is most welcome.

The rest of the potlucks for the 2012-13 season will be held on or near the full moon: by

January 25 (special Robbie Burns celebration), Friday February 22 and

Friday March 22.

There will also be a December 31 New Year's Eve gathering again this year.


City Hall News

St. David’s development approved:


Hearing dates have been set for OMB hearings for Bennett Lake (Fairlane development)

and Ramsey Lake hill off Howey Drive. Mediation has been requested for the Fairlane

development, by Friends of Bennett Lake.

City pulls out of OMB hearing against Council against a proposed development:

Unease with high density an issue in public input to Official Plan:

Council comes to the end of budget discussions for the 2013 municipal budget:

5-year accessibility plan approved:


The auditor general is recommending more user fees for leisure facilities. What are your

thoughts on fiscal sustainability and healthy communities?


Local news:

Protesters and a local reporter are arrested at MPP Bartolucci’s office. The topic of the

protest was cuts to the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit which keeps people

out of crisis. What do you think the implications are for open reporting of civic action,

citizen participation in civic action, and the responsibility of those in public office to

engage in dialogue versus use of force?


Another pedestrian death – the third since August. Time to reduce speed limits as

recommended by the Ontario Coroner? Lower speed means accidents are much less

likely to result in a death.


Lougheed’s donate newest city park:

Provincial parks cuts in north protested:

Work on the school of architecture scheduled to begin in January:


Chromite news:

Cliff’s project may be delayed:



Members’ corner

Letter to the editor – nuclear storage big issue for the north – and Sudbury

Letter the editor – northern MPs support Climate Change pledge:



Of interest online:

Holla's greenhouses now on-line:

What happens when transit is free?


Neighbourhood revitalization:

- using LEED-ND to revitalize existing neighbourhoods:

- revitalization in action:


- the ‘Melbourne miracle’ - how Melbourne saved its downtown (hint transforming

laneways into vibrant spaces was a big part of it! – how about you, downtown Sudbury?)

Training the next generation of community leaders:

Four great books for effective activism:


A resource for good transportation planning:

Building cities that are resilient to climate change:


What’s more Canadian than canoeing? Did you know upcoming changes put our canoe

routes at risk?

Check out this new website by the Federation of Northern Municipalities:



Sudbury Green Gathering update


On October 17, local green groups, including the Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee, met for this year’s fall Sudbury Green Gathering to discuss top priorities in our community.  Not surprisingly water quality is in the top 4.

1.  Protecting water quality and keeping our lakes and waterways clean and healthy

2.  Keeping our natural environment healthy and protecting important green spaces

3.  Supporting sustainable transportation: walking, cycling, and transit

4.  Supporting local food and agriculture

See the attached leaflets for more information, and to find out what you can do.

You can help!

Here are three things you can do today to make a difference on these priorities for our local environment:

1.  Support local food and local farmers:  get a membership at Sudbury's local food cooperative Eat Local Sudbury, and sign up for their weekly e-newsletter that will keep you posted on the local products available, and opportunities to learn the skills you need to grow and preserve food yourself

-  Memberships can be bought at the store (176 Larch), or from their on-line store:

For more information, contact:

2.  Speak up for clean lakes, a healthy natural environment, and safe & convenient active transportation.

The City is currently reviewing its Official Plan, which is the ‘rulebook’ for how the city will grow and change.  They are asking for public input – let them know what’s important to you.

The attached leaflet identifies some key changes that would make a big difference.

You may be specially interested in measures to protect water quality, so a leaflet on that topic has been attached for your information, and to share with other like-minded people.

You are also encouraged to join others in requesting that the proposed “LU parkway” be removed from the Official Plan.  This proposed highway goes through one of our community’s most highly valued green spaces, cutting through Laurentian University’s hiking and ski trails, impacting Lake Laurentian and other lakes, and cutting this area off from the adjacent conservation area.

Comments should  be sent to <> and <>

3.  Get connected to local green events and information.

Get informed on local green events, issues, and actions with the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury e-newsletter.  Contact <> to get on their e-mailing list.


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury

Did you know you can find local green groups at <> ?  Have a look at some of the great organizations in our community!





Update Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee


Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7, 7:00-8:30pm at the Living with Lakes Centre.

On the agenda will be the Laurentian Parkway - a new road proposed to link Regent St./Lo-Ellen to the University and eventually to South Bay Rd. Attached is a rough sketch of where the proposed road would be built (in red). It's in the Ramsey Lake watershed and on Laurentian University property. The University is beginning to consult the community about the road. It would definitely add more salt and pollution to the watershed. Longstanding opposition to the road has been because the road would create major ecological damage to wildlife, vegetation, and several lakes.  It would destroy LU's ski and hiking trail system (cutting through it in 7 locations) and it would remove access from LU campus to the Conservation Area. We should discuss all the issues as a committee. Laurentian University is looking for community input at a public session on November 14 and 15.

I still have a few more tickets for the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance Comedy Fundraiser Event on Thursday, November 8 at 8:00pm if anyone is interested. $20/ticket.

On the same evening, Manitoba MP Robert Sopuck will be in Sudbury speaking about 'Conservation Principles for the 21st Century'. He is a member of the Federal Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development. Nov. 8th, 6:30-8:00pm at the Holiday Inn. See poster for more details.


CLS newsletter

October 29, 2012-10-29

Please note that tonight’s working group meeting has been cancelled

(due to illness and poor weather).

SAVE THE (NEW) DATE – CLS working group meeting, Monday,

November 5

7 p.m.: Community revitalization working group – time to brainstorm some great doable

sustainable community revitalization projects and select a few to pursue

8:30 p.m.: Shoreline working group – standing up for our shorelines.

If you are interested in taking part in either of these exciting new working groups, please

come out! Come to one or both.

Can’t make it, but want to join a working group? Contact us.

Wishing a fond farewell to October which was a truly spectacular month this 2012.

Plenty on the go as usual with the newsletter, including progress for local community

interests in highway routes and other developments.

Happy reading and here’s to November.

Don’t forget to send in your events, meeting time, calls to action and other items to for inclusion in the newsletter.


Protecting health and environment in light of the proposed chromite


On October 15, a community citizens committee was established to deal with all aspects

of Cliffs proposed Chromite smelting operation north of Capreol. The community

Committee will focus on ensuring that the Cliffs operation (if it materializes) is safe and

healthy for its workers, the surrounding communities and the environment.

On the executive are Elie Martel (Chair), Bob Johnson (Secretary), John Rutherford


For more information, or to be added to the contact list for the committee, contact

RH Johnson,


Mining : Has the perception of the industry in Canadian contemporary society


Join us the Art Gallery of Sudbury on November 1, 2012 from 7-9 p.m. for an exciting

Panel Discussion:

In partnership with Dynamic Earth, the Art Gallery of Sudbury is pleased to announce a

Panel Discussion complimenting our current exhibition, Cage Call. This thought

provoking discussion will take place at the Art Gallery of Sudbury (251 John Street).

Refreshments will be served!


Comedy night for Greater Watershed Alliance

Tickets are now available for a special Comedy Night to benefit the Greater Sudbury

Watershed Alliance (citizen group to protect our precious natural resource (Sudbury's

many lakes, rivers and wetlands).

To reserve tickets, e-mail Lilly Noble,, or phone 691-5538.


Conservative MP Robert Sopuck, member of the Standing Committee on the

Environment and Sustainable Development, will be speaking on Conservation Principles

for the 21st century.

November 8, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., at the Holiday Inn.

RSVP required at 673-7306, 691-7278


SAVE THE DATE – November 12 town hall on transportation and

storage of nuclear waste

Independent Member of Parliament Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay–Superior North) is

launching a series of town hall style meetings in communities along likely transportation

corridors for much of Canada’s nuclear wastes, mostly accumulated radioactive fuel

bundles used to generate electricity.

He will be in Sudbury November 12.

Check our FB page for details - we will post them as soon as they are sent in (you do

not need to have a Facebook account to view our page. Simply go to

and click on the FB icon at the bottom of the page.


New hours and an all members meeting at Eat Local

New Eat Local store hours take effect this week – now open late on Thursdays..

Hours: Tues-Wednesday-Friday 11am - 6pm, Thursday 11am - 8pm and Saturday 9 a.m.

to 4 p.m.

All Members Meeting to be held November 13

One of the goals of the current Board of Directors is to increase membership engagement

at the co-op. The Board wants to try as best it can to reach out to the membership and to

foster the co-op’s sense of community.

Co-op members are welcome to an All-Members meeting.

When: Tuesday, November 13, 6 – 9 p.m.

Where: the Environmental Resource Centre (the ERC). The ERC is the space to the back

of the store that is managed by Rethink Green.

Details: It’s a potluck.

The meeting will be part of an ongoing conversation. Members are encouraged to share

their perspective and thoughts on their priorities for Eat Local.


Supporting reThink Green - supporting our sister environmental network, our

meeting space, the Environmental Resource Centre, Earth Day activities, and much


Join reThink Green

reThink Green is always looking to welcome new members. Membership with rethink

Green gives you access to our Environmental Resource Centre (ERC), a fully-functional

place to hold meetings and events, wireless internet access, library materials, as well as

the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. reThink Green has partnered

with Eat Local Sudbury with the goal of making 176 Larch Street a one-stop shop for

local food, green resources, learning opportunities and more!

We offer group memberships for organizations/advocacy groups as well as individual


For additional information on rates and member benefits, visit or

call us at 705-674-1685.

ReThink Green is gearing up for a silent auction fundraiser.

When: Thursday, November 29

Where: Le Fromagerie on Elgin.

Details: Proceeds will continue to help support and grow the Environmental Resource

Centre (ERC) at reThink Green.

The evening will include a silent auction, music, wine tasting, raffles, 50/50 draw, food

and fun!


River Alliance to benefit from calendar sale

Half the profits from the purchase of these beautiful calendars will be donated to Ontario

Rivers Alliance.

The proceeds will help the ORA mandate to protect, conserve and restore healthy riverine


Two sizes are available at .

Other contact info: or 1-705- 866-1677


City Hall News:

The Planning Committee will vote tonight on an Official Plan Amendment and Rezoning

for the proposed new St. David’s School on Frood Road.

The City recently sold a portion of a city green space to the school board for this purpose.

This site is one of the most valued regreened site, with an educational trail and study


VETAC (the regreening advisory panel) has been involved in discussions with the City

and School Board as to how to minimize impact on the most important features on site.

Any citizen can attend and/or speak at the public hearing, which begins at 5:30 in

Council Chambers.

See the full staff report at:


Planning Committee approved condos for the former St. Joseph’s hospital site on Paris


The revised plan added more green space, low impact development features which will

reduce run-off to lake Ramsey, cycling and pedestrian connections, and removed the

commercial portions of the plan (a restaurant and wellness centre).

These revisions were in response to public concerns at the first public meeting, and

through consultation with the Bell Park Advisory Panel.

This level of consultation with an advisory panel is unusual, and a good step in

community involvement which could have been further improved by involving the

Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee and local residents.

No commercial development will be permitted on this site, removing the possibility for

adding services such as a convenience store, café or other amenities for local residents

and park users.


OMB pre-hearings will soon be held on a number of developments of interest. These

meetings are open to the public:

- Ramsey Lake: appeal by the developer to Council’s rejection of a proposed subdivision

(192 lots) off Howey Drive, adjacent to Ramsey Lake. Concerns included impacts on

lake water quality, loss of green space, and traffic.

Tuesday, November 6, 9:30 a.m., Council Chambers

- Bennett Lake: appeal by Friends of Bennett Lake of the approval of 15 lots, with

concerns on the impact on the fragile Bennett Lake watershed, and trail access.

Tuesday, November 6, 2 p.m., Council Chambers

- Wanapitei Lake: appeal by the developer regarding Council’s neglect to enact a

proposed zoning bylaw that would create a 17 lot subdivision on a rocky peninsula in

Wanapitei Lake. There were serious water quality concerns for this proposed subdivision.

Wednesday, November 28, 10:30 am, Tom Davies, rm. C-13A


Council approves capital budget for 2013:


Downtown Master Plan gets honourable mention


What are the implications of ‘party politics’ at the municipal level? A thoughtful letter to

the editor explores this issue after the GSTA suggests they might back a slate of likeminded

candidates in the next election:



Local news:

CBC news has recently reported that the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will now be

focussing on maintaining the existing route for hwy 17 between Sudbury and Markstay,

rather than their proposal to cut through Daisy and Richard Lakes.

Kudos go to Dr. Peter Beckett and others who have been informing the MTO on the

ecology and special scientific value of the area.

Filming on the Trans Canada Trail:

A series of interviews on the downtown:


Chromite news

Environmental Assessment of smelter anticipated early 2013:

Open house held in Capreol:


Local First Nations work to assess risks and benefits:


Member corner

Sudbury must take better care of its lakes – letter to the editor:


Save the date: Sudbury gardening Festival - Saturday May 25, 2013.

Where: PARKSIDE CENTRE (Older Adult Centre) on Durham Street in Sudbury. The

centre shares a building with the YMCA in the Centre for Life.

For more information - Wayne Hugli E-mail:

Phone: 705-693-2476


Have your say on further cuts to the MNR


Toronto Heritage Tree Workshop

Ontario Urban Forest Council in partnership with Trees Ontario and LEAF

Friday, 9 November 2012 from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Toronto, Ontario



Of interest online - On the web:

Project for Public Spaces wrote: "We need those who haven’t seen the light yet to join

Team Livability if we are going to succeed. So we need to start reaching people where

they are. That starts with a commitment to understand—REALLY understand—that

place attachment makes us human. And sometimes scared and reactive."

Read more here:


Tactical urbanism – transforming cities one small pilot project at a time:

What does a green street look like?


new urban street design guide - "It is based on the fundamental idea that streets are

spaces for people as well as arteries for traffic."


Who is the community being revitalized for? An essential question.

Study shows great reduction in injuries with separated bike lanes. One question raised by

some cyclists is how effective education for both drivers and cyclists would be in

reducing injuries (a faster and cheaper option than separated bike lanes, in most cases):


Sustainability 101 – a short video by the Natural Step:


Oct 19, 2012


Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee


City Clerk

Attn: Planning Section, Growth and Development

PO Box 5000, Station A

200 Brady Street

Sudbury, ON P3A 5P3


Re: Application for rezoning in order to permit the redevelopment of the former

St. Joseph hospital site to 210 residential units, 700 Paris Street, Sudbury

2226553 Ontario Inc.


File Number:  751-6/12-14


To Whom It May Concern:


The Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee is pleased to be able to provide input again for the redevelopment of the old St. Joe’s property, which is in the Ramsey Lake watershed and close to our municipal drinking water intake. Our committee is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of Ramsey Lake.


In our last recommendations for this property, we suggested the applicant employ an “Enhanced Stormwater Protection” level specified in Chapter 3 of the Ministry of the Environment’s “Stormwater Management Planning and Design Manual 2003”.  We would still like to see this level of protection for Ramsey Lake addressed later in a site plan control agreement. The City is requesting that the applicant provide Cash-in-Lieu instead of providing 5% parkland. We would suggest that those funds be used for stormwater management enhancement since water coming off this property can contribute to area beaches being closed due to E. coli or blue-green algae.


We are concerned that during renovation and construction that best practices are followed to prevent debris and soil from entering the lake.
We would advocate for snow to be taken to a snow dump and the sweeping of the parking garage and roads early in spring to remove as much salt and contaminants from the watershed as possible.

We are encouraged to see that Low Impact Development
(LID) strategies like permeable pavers and grass swales will be used on the property to handle some of the runoff. We are also please to see the landscaped area has been increased from 21%, in the original proposal, up to 47%. May we suggest incorporating a rain garden in the landscaping to make use of the water from the roof? Green infrastructure will not only help filter and clean rainwater but also will prevent the water from heating up on hard, impervious surfaces like on roofs and roads, before entering the lake. Warm water increases the possibility of blue-green algal blooms in Ramsey Lake.



The new parking garage/condo is problematic for many reasons.

The setback from the city parking lot (land designated Park) does not adhere to our current bylaw 2010-100Z, which states it must have a setback of at least 10m. The garage is only 7m away. The Staff report speaks about naturalizing part of the city parking lot in this area. The RLSC would like to see the entire parking lot area be returned to parkland to conform with the Bell Covenant and to remove this source of contamination from Ramsey Lake. If and when this ever occurs, then the parking garage will be properly set back from this new park area.


Bylaw 2010-100Z requires a minimum 315 parking spaces for this type of project. The proposed plan indicates 352 parking spaces will be built. The RLSC see these extra parking spaces as more potential sources of contaminants, like salt, grease and oil, some of which will find their way to the lake even with the best controls in place. By making the parking garage smaller, it would conform to the current setback bylaw, reduce these extra parking spaces, reduce the contaminants potentially entering the lake and provide more space to comply with the bylaw for bike spaces, which should be 105 not 33. Increasing the bike spaces to 60 would be a good first step. It seems the restaurant was removed due to traffic concerns but if parking is reduce then one could imagine people would be forced to reach the restaurant mostly by foot, bike or transit. Perhaps these modes of transportation would be less of a concern to local residents and would be more in keeping with a land use policy meant to support transit, cycling and walking, which is a goal of the Official Plan. 


The RLSC applauds the applicant and the City for having consulted with the Bell Park Advisory Panel three times before this proposal was completed. Perhaps in future, developers and the City could consult with the Lakes Advisory Panel, Green Space Panel, and/or lake stewardship groups when large developments are proposed near lakes or green spaces.


In keeping with subsections 17(35) and 51(37) of the Planning Act, we request to receive notice of any decision of Council related to this development proposal.







Lilly Noble

Co-Chair, Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee

(705) 691-5538



Ramsay Lake Stewardship Committee


Minutes from our last meeting are attached and here are some updates:

A new proposed site plan of the Old St. Joe's property is available for viewing and comment. Public input is possible until Oct. 22, 6pm when the Planning Committee will make a decision at Council Chambers. See the last letter we submitted about this property attached. Have your say on this special property!

Great news A few calls to the city has led to the removal of the dead trees along Ramsey Lake Road and their replacement with new trees.
Bad news. A five car parking lot has appeared on the Ramsey Lake shoreline near the entrance to Laurentian University. The city has been called and photos were sent. Hopefully we will see this lot shut down. Also, it was brought to my attention that there is an unofficial boat launch near the parking lot for the Ski Chalet of the Laurentian Conservation Area. Putting boats in the water there has lead to lots of erosion, and the creation of deep tire ruts on land and at the shoreline. The city will be contacted about this area of concern as well. See pics here.

A few volunteers used our Yellow Fish Road stencils around the Ramsey Lake watershed. Look out for the 17 yellow fish and "Rainwater Only" signs at storm sewers. We will be going to Adamsdale and Pius XII school to explain the connection between stormwater from First and Third Aves and Ramsey Lake. The kids will also be handing out 300 door hangers explaining the importance of clean stormwater.

Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance (GSWA) is having a general meeting November 1st at 7pm, if you are interested in wider watershed issues. Meetings are at the Living with Lakes Centre.Their fund raiser comedy night is coming up on November 8 at 8pm, Caruso Club. Tickets are $20 and all the stewardship committees are helping to sell tickets. Let me know how many tickets you need!

Get more news about Ramsey Lake from our facebook page
and on our website


June 27, 2012


Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee


City Clerk

Attn: Planning Section, Growth and Development

PO Box 5000, Station A

200 Brady Street

Sudbury, ON P3A 5P3


Preliminary Planning Report - Application for rezoning in order to permit the redevelopment of the former St. Joseph hospital site for 190 residential units, restaurant and wellness centre, 700 Paris Street, Sudbury - 2226553 Ontario Inc


File Number:  751-6/12-14


Since the property is in such close proximity to Ramsey Lake, it is essential that great care be taking with the stormwater that runs off this property and into the lake. Any stormwater management facility should be designed to satisfy the “Enhanced Protection” level specified in Chapter 3 of the Ministry of the Environment’s “Stormwater Management Planning and Design Manual 2003”. Testing and maintenance of this stormwater facility is also essential to ensure water entering Ramsey Lake is sufficiently cleaned.


An enhanced protection level of stormwater treatment does not completely clean the water reaching the lake so it is recommended that Low Impact Development (LID) strategies be also used here. LID strategies include permeable pavers in driveways and parking lots, bioretention filters, rain barrels and grassed swales. These measures would help prevent contaminants from entering the lake so close to our drinking water intake.


The developer is requesting a zoning change from Park ‘P’ to Residential ‘R4 High Density Special’ in Concession 2 and that there be no setback between the parking garage, if built there, and Bell Park. For the protection of the park and Ramsey Lake, we feel this area should remain parkland and not turned into a parking garage.


Furthermore, since the location of this property is so close to downtown and well serviced by transit, we recommend the city lower the required parking space allocation to help protect Ramsey Lake from the salt and contaminants, which will be deposited on site.




Lilly Noble

Co-Chair, Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee

(705) 691-5538

Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee Meeting

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Living with Lakes Centre, 7pm



9 members in attendance


Keast Development Input to Planning Committee

This peninsula has some rocky outcrops, a thickly treed area and some steep shorelines. The committee discussed aspects we would like to see in the proposed development to ensure lake water quality is not compromised by this development. A letter will be submitted to the Planning Committee.  


St. Joe’s Development Input

A new site plan has been released for the Old St. Joe’s property that contains more Low Impact Development (LID) strategies than their last plans. These will help improve the quality of the water coming off this property and going directly into Ramsey Lake. The committee will write up a submission for the Planning Committee meeting on Oct 22.  See pictures of the new plan here and the staff report here


Rain Gardens in the Ramsey Lake Watershed

We will be going to both Adamsdale and Pius XII schools (both in the RL watershed) to talk to them about the Yellowfish Road Program. We will also be asking them if they would like to build a rain garden on their school property to slow down their rainwater which helps filter and clean it. It was mentioned that building green infrastructure at the Bell Park main beach storm outlet would still be desirable. Everyone agreed but the City stormwater department is against it. Suggestions are welcome!


Frenchman’s Bay

We saw some pictures of this very natural area in the eastern section of Ramsey Lake, which is owned by the City. There is a bit of damage going on due to ATVs and with litter.  See pic here from our Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.









Blue-green algae confirmed in South Bay


Heavy rains have washed soil, phosphorus, bacteria and other contaminants into Ramsey Lake.

Blue-green algae was confirmed in South Bay by the Public Health Unit.

Drinking water, for residence who live in the South Bay area, can be obtained from the Countryside Sports Complex.
They have an advisory for the Main Beach at Bell Park due to the blue-green algae threat. So no swimming and pets should not be allowed in.

The Health Unit has also listed two beaches on Ramsey Lake as unsafe due to high bacteria levels: the beach near the Amphitheatre at Bell Park and the one at Camp Sudaca. 

In the next couple of weeks, we will be looking for volunteers to help the Committee with the Yellow Fish Road Program. Let me know if you want to get involved with this great program to help raise awareness about what is in our stormwater, how it travels directly into Ramsey Lake and what we can do to prevent contaminants from reaching the lake.


Here are the minutes for our last meeting. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 7:00pm.
See you at the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, this Sunday at the Moonlight Beach concession stand at 10:00am. Bring your kids!


Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee Meeting

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Living with Lakes Centre


Boating Speed Limit Sign – Still waiting for the city to get back to us re: sign specifications. Greater Sudbury Police Marine Unit has no problem with us putting up a speed limit sign at the public boat launch indicating the provincial limit of 10km/hr within 30 metres of shore. Lilly will follow up.


Keast Dr. Development – Norm gave us an overview of the proposed development. A bylaw amendment is being requested to change the zoning from Future Development to R1-3, Low Density Residential One and R3, Medium Density Residential to permit the development of 63 lots and three multi-family blocks.  See more on the city website, There are no plans to bring sewer services across the wetlands of Bethel Lake but the city would like to bring a water pipe through the wetlands to have backup water for the peninsula to the north.  Putting any pipes through the wetlands would involve digging a ditch 10 ft deep, laying a pipe and covering it over.  Disturbing the wetland for this pipe will possibly lead to contaminants from Bethel Lake getting into Ramsey Lake. The 2011 spring phosphorus value for Bethel Lake was 31.4 microgram/L, which is above the Provincial Water Quality Objective of 20.0 microgram/L and above the current Ramsey Lake level of 6 microgram/L. It was also suggested that there might be tuberculosis bacteria and spores, in Bethel Lake sediment. These spores would have come from the old Algoma hospital that at one time housed TB patients. If this is the case, the sediment should not be disturbed. This will need to be investigated and confirmed with the health unit or researchers who may have more knowledge of what is in Bethel Lake sediment.


Park proposed for Moonlight Beach Area – The area in question runs from the rail line to the north then south to the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area and east to the bypass. The Ramsey Lake North East Advisory Panel is thinking about creating a city park with revenue-generating activities like a waterpark, zipline or a place to hold large family reunions. The RLSC will keep abreast of developments in this area and keep water quality, habitat, trails and stormwater management top of mind for any new activity in this area of the Ramsey Lake watershed.


Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Join us as we team up with the Moonlight East Ramsey Coalition this Sunday, Sept 16 at 10am. We’ll all meet at the Moonlight Beach concession stand. Garbage bags and gloves will be provided. High school students who need volunteer hours should bring their forms to be signed.


GSWA Comedy Night - Tickets are now available for the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance fundraising event. They will be having a comedy night/silent auction on Thursday, November 8 at 8pm at the Caruso Club. Mark your calendar and let me know how many tickets you would like, $20 each. Should be a fun night and we can help the Alliance as well.


Ideas for Community Engagement and Education – Members expressed interest in the Yellow Fish Program. John Lindsay said he had some stencils.
*Lilly has now spoken with the Yellow Fish Program people and they will be sending stencils and a list of all the necessary supplies including 300 door hangers, which kids can put on homes. Students from Adamsdale School and/or Pius XII would be ideal to help with that since they are in the watershed. Lilly will get in touch with those schools. Jan and Andrea are interested in helping with the project.

Also it was mentioned that we should have some sort of display at the main beach in Bell Park explaining why a blue-green algae bloom has occurred to educate the public when the beach is closed. We should work on this in case of possible blooms next summer.


Dead Trees on Ramsey Lake Road – Earlier this year, the City added a water loop under the road but the trees they planted next to the work are all now dead. Jan said she would email Fran Caldarelli and suggest they need to be replaced. Others are encouraged to email as well.




Canada: Waterpower Is Not Always Green

By Dr. Dianne Saxe

I've supported renewable energy for more than 30 years, even before my years as legal counsel for the Ministry of Energy. And I'm a strong supporter of the Green Energy Act. But every type of energy generation has drawbacks, and none of them are suitable everywhere.

Most solar, wind and biomass renewable energy projects need renewable energy approvals under the Environmental Protection Act. But there is a different approval system for small hydro projects, focussed on a twin process of class environmental assessment which must be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment, and site release by the Ministry of Natural Resources. This process is proving very challenging, for proponents and opponents alike.

Xeneca, for example, is a waterpower developer funded by the Ontario Pension Trust, which was awarded 19 of the 47 Feed In Tariff contracts for potential waterpower sites across Ontario, more than any other developer. None of its sites, so far, have been approved, although senior Ministry of Natural Resources staff meet monthly with Xeneca to review its progress. In March, the Ministry of the Environment Approvals Branch firmly rejected Xeneca's claims to have completed adequate environmental assessments of its first three projects:

To read the rest of this article, please click on link:


I also suggest you go to the comment form at the bottom of the article and leave your own comments.


Dianne Saxe is one of the top environmental lawyers in the world.



Linda Heron

Chair, Vermilion River Stewardship

Chair, Ontario Rivers Alliance

(705) 866-1677


Ramsey Lake Stewardship Group News


Hi everyone,
Lots of stuff going on around Ramsey Lake.

A meeting was held on Monday, June 11 about the proposed condo development on the old St. Joe's property. The developer is asking the city for a zoning change from "Institutional" and "Park" to Residential High Density (Special). The details are found here and will be going before the Planning Committee on June 27 at 5:30pm in Council Chambers,
There were less concerns about the health of the lake when the hospital was first built in the 1950s so as stewards of the lake we will be making recommendations that the developer use best practices in managing stormwater to reduce any negative impacts on the lake from the redesign of the building and construction of a 5 storey parking garage.

RLSC will have a booth at the Northern Lights Festival Boreal's Greenville. This will be a great way to reach lots of new people. If you are going to the festival, consider donating an hour or two to help out at our booth. Contact me if you can help out. July 7-8.

Minutes of our last meeting

  • We discussed the parking lot on the lake last winter because Science North charged parking fees for the fish derby so everyone parked on Ramsey Lake instead. Norm was going to investigate who grants permission to do this and we will try to stop this practice from occurring again. The city is looking for this exact type of input for park use so if this is of concern to you or you have any other concern about how the lake or Bell Park is used, please complete this quick survey.
  • Brigette Labby, a boating instructor, came to speak to the group about boating safety. She teaches boaters that they are going too fast if their wake is causing distress to others. Good rule of thumb. We can host a boating safety day and she will assist us. She showed us the Muskoka Watershed Council brochure which had good advice about boating and wakes. Here is the link
  • Michael brought up the issue of the city cutting down trees along McNaughton Terrace, which are within 4m of shore. He will follow up with the city as to why this practice keeps occurring when Michael is happy to do all the pruning needed to keep these trees from obstructing the view of the lake.
  • The City is looking for input to the 2013 Budget so RLSC will be making a presentation on June 19 in Council Chambers. We will be presenting 17th on the list which should be around 7:45pm. Our draft submission is attached.
  • RLSC wants to put a speed limit sign at the public boat launch as a reminder that within 30m of shore the speed limit is 10km/hr. Lilly asked the City if they had any objections. They didn't but asked that we inquire with the Marine Unit of the Sudbury Police to see if they did. They also had no objections but did note that there is an exemption for boats pulling water skiers perpendicular to a shore. The police felt a simple sign was acceptable and need not include the exemption. He suggested we mention somewhere what 30m is about three school buses long to give people a mental image of 30m. Lilly will confirm again with the city the details of the sign.
  • We have three rain barrels for sale if anyone is interested. $55 each.

    We are trying to come up with a wish list for the lake. So far we have:

  • cars and trucks should not be allowed on the frozen lake except to bring fishing huts on and off the lake
  • dogs should not be allowed on the ice (other jurisdictions have a similar bylaw)
  • there should be a speed or horsepower limit on the lake
  • driving on the lake should only be allowed from dawn to 10pm
  • parking lots should not be allowed on the lake

This is a preliminary list of what we would like to see and is not in order of priority. Comments are welcome.

RLSC will have a booth at Northern Lights Festival Boreal’s Greenville.  This is a great way to reach lots of new people.  If you are going to the festival, consider donating an hour or two to help out at the RLSC booth.  It’s a big help, and a lot of fun! Contact us to let us know you can help out. Friday, July 6 - Sunday, July 8

June 15, 2012


Input to the 2013 City of Greater Sudbury Municipal Budget

From the Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee



High phosphorus contributes to blue-green algae blooms. Over the past few years, phosphorus levels were measured on Ramsey Lake and from the streams and stormwater outlets which feed into the lake. Funding for this important work is no longer available but the need to know where phosphorus inputs are highest is still crucial.

The RLSC requests the following funds so that data can continue to be collected.


Total over two years:
-MSc salary, $27,000
-Student worker salaries (2 for one summer), $11,000
-Equipment, none
-Supplies, $6,000
-Core dating, $8,000
-Chemical lab analyses, $1,800



Thank-you for your consideration.

Contact person:

Lilly Noble





Whitewater Ontario is hosting an important event that I hope you will support:


Whitewater Ontario: River Advocacy Festival - June 30th 2012
1:30 - 4:30 PM - Open forum discussion - "River Advocacy in Ontario: The Issues"

Whitewater Ontario is hosting a River Advocacy Festival at River Run on the Ottawa River, June 30th, 2012. The Goal is to raise awareness and support river advocacy, river access and river awareness in Ontario.


Speaker Panel Includes:


Linda Heron - Ontario Rivers Alliance

John Walker - Trout Unlimited Canada
Philip Compass - Save the Petawawa
Ben Plumb - The Water Institute, University of Waterloo


Please pass forward this message on to those you think may be interested.


Linda Heron

Chair, Ontario Rivers Alliance

(705) 866-1677


“A World of Healthy River Ecosystems”






EarthCare Sudbury Newsletter.docx


Milkweed and Monarchs...a Vital Partnership! It's spring again! And the Monarchs are on a fascinating journey from their winter getaway in Mexico. This exhausting migration of over 3,000 miles to Northern Ontario is made annually. Once they have arrived to their destination, they need to eat and lay eggs. What not many people know is that the Milkweed plant is the only food source for the Monarch caterpillars to eat in order to grow and become marvellous Butterflies!


If you want to ensure the future of these beautiful creatures, plant and protect Milkweed. Not only will you be enriching the good of the planet but you will have a pretty flower to spruce up your garden and the Monarchs will thank you! 


For more information you can visit and facebook or contact me at Andrea Solski



Change of Ramsay Lake Stewardship Committee meeting date changed to Wednesday, June 6


Hi everyone,

Please note we have changed our meeting date to Wednesday, June 6th at 7pm at the Living with Lakes Centre.

We received a $500 lake stewardship grant from the City's Lake Water Quality Program so we can complete some projects.

Our Motorized Boating Subcommittee met in May and will be discussing their findings at our next meeting.

The committee has received kits to test phosphorus levels in Ramsey Lake in May, June, July, and August.

Hope to see you at our next meeting.



EarthCare Sudbury Newsletter - May 2012

Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee Meeting May 3


Our next meeting is this Thursday, May 3rd at 7pm at the Living with Lakes Centre.

Agenda items:

1. Rain barrel sale wrap up
2. Website activity after we sent out our flyer
3. Application for Lake Water Quality grant of $500 is due May 11.
We will need ideas for what to do with the funds. (A municipal grant must demonstrate that the project will achieve measurable results and attract the support of lake residents or other members of the community. Applications that benefit only one person or one property will not be considered.) See attached.
4. Source Water Protection information sent out to Ramsey Lake residents - Open house at Living with Lakes Centre May 15. Questions?
5. Further discussion about motorized boating on Ramsey Lake. Here is the Transport Canada website with information about limiting or restricting motor boats
6. Other items


Application for LWQ Grant Program 2012 Form (ENG)_Web Accessible.doc


 Thousands of birds dying in the middle of the ocean...because they eat & feed their young our plastic/rubber garbage

Dear Watershed Stewards,

1. The
draft Source Protection Plan was posted yesterday for public review, along with the Explanatory Document, at:

The Draft Source Protection Plan is a locally-developed, science-based plan that sets out to protect sources of municipal drinking water from contamination. The plan identifies potential threats and prescribes policies, actions and programs to reduce or eliminate these threats.


Why is this important if you have your own well or get water from your own lake?
Because you can use the information about best practices designed to protect municipal surface water sources and wells to protect your own source water. Check out the summary attached. Comments are welcome.



Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2012

Next meeting is on May 3, 2012


Present: Andrea, Andre, Shehnaz, Kevin, Elaine, K.V., John, Liz, Jan, Lilly


  1. We added some new info to our flyer. It will be finalized and sent out to 3600 watershed residents on Friday, April 13 by mail. Andre, Andrea, Kevin, Liz, Elaine and Jan will be distributing some flyers by hand, as well.
  2. Everything is on schedule for the rain barrel sale on Sunday, April 22.  We have sold over 120 rain barrels. Everyone is welcome to come out and help, especially at 9:30am to help unload the truck.
  3. We decided not to overextend ourselves on Earth Day with the rain barrel sale so we won’t be going too far with the balloons on storm sewers. We will try to do that just near York and Paris St.
  4. We will be opening a bank account. Jan John and Lilly will be signing officers with two signatures required for each cheque.
  5. Fran Caldarelli spoke with the head of stormwater management and he said that putting green infrastructure at the Bell Park Beach stormwater outlet would not be possible but he would look into doing that at another smaller location.
  6. We discussed the problem of motorboats on the lake. One way to reduce the large number of boats on Ramsey Lake may be to charge an eco-fee to launch a boat at the public boat launch.
  7. We discussed problems with the Howey Dr. development and the effects it will have on Ramsey Lake. Lilly will write a letter of concern for the Monday, April 16 planning meeting about the development.


Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee


April 16, 2012                                                              

City of Greater Sudbury

City Clerk

P.O. Box 5000 Station A

200 Brady Street

Sudbury ON P3A 5P3 SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1


Re: Applications for Plan of Subdivision in order to permit the development of 192 residential lots.

Howey Drive, Sudbury - Dalron Construction Limited


File Number:  780-6/11007


To Whom It May Concern:


The Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee (RLSC) is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of the Ramsey Lake watershed and its drinking water quality. Our vision is to keep Ramsey Lake a drinkable, fishable, swimmable and enjoyable lake for many years to come for all Sudburians.


As a community group, we have some concerns with the proposed development off Howey Drive on the north shore of Ramsey Lake.


1. Full Watershed Study Needed

Although stormwater studies are prepared for developments such as this one, the RLSC would like to see a complete watershed study which will look at not just how to manage stormwater but what the effect of all the current and proposed development in the watershed will be on the ecosystem of the lake. A comprehensive study should be completed before any more large developments are approved in the watershed. Ramsey Lake is too important a lake for Sudbury for us to keep approving development with no knowledge of what the cumulative affects of these developments will be on the lake.


2. Stormwater Management Must Include Green Infrastructure

The land in question is described as being covered in dense vegetation and therefore provides water retention and filtration services but will be replaced with hard, impervious surfaces if the development is approved. Because this area is close to the intake for drinking water, the development should incorporate Low Impact Development techniques to reduce the faster rates of flow of dirtier stormwater. Permeable pavers for driveways, bioswales along roads, rain barrels, rain water gardens and green roofs are just a few green infrastructure techniques that should be used in this development. No stormwater from this development should be diverted to old stormwater infrastructure in the adjacent neighbourhoods, which bring water directly to Ramsey Lake. As a drinking water source for 60,000, it is very important to keep raw stormwater from entering the lake directly especially since this large development is located just upstream of the David St. water intake. Also, sufficient care should be taken during construction that disturbed soil not be allowed to flow directly into Ramsey Lake since soil is high in phosphorus and will increase the likelihood of another toxic blue-green algae bloom.


3. Green Space in the Ramsey Lake Watershed

The Green Space Advisory Panel has identified the southern most area of this land as a Level 5 property (Highest Priority) for acquisition (area 10-74). It is 4.2 hectares in size and a natural buffer to the lake. However, in the current plan for development, the size of it appears much smaller. See attached maps. We recommend that the pedestrian walkway or Block 198 be increased to the area identified in the Green Space Panel Report to provide the best possible buffer for Ramsey Lake





4. Increased salt in the watershed

This new development will necessitate the City using salt during the winter on the new roads. The current 66 acre forested area does not contribute to the salt levels in the lake. With salt levels in Ramsey Lake already over 50 mg/L, the inevitable increased input of salt is worrisome.


5. Traffic Concerns

A development of this size is expected to generate approximately 3,500 vehicle trips on an average weekday. Currently, Howey Drive and Van Horne Street carry an annual average daily traffic volume of 8,500. A second development, recently approved (Planning Committee, April 5, 2011) on the north side of Howey Drive between Van Horne Street and St. Raphael Street, when fully developed, will generate more than 4,700 weekday vehicle trips. These two new developments will add 8,200 new vehicle trips on an average weekday. This is almost a 100% increase in traffic. Retaining more green space in the development will reduce the number of lots and reduce the expected traffic and necessary road reconstruction.



Request for Notice

The Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee, in keeping with subsections 17(35) and 51(37) of the Planning Act, requests to receive notice of any decision of Council related to this development proposal.







Lilly Noble

Co-Chair, Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee

(705) 691-5538


Sudbury Seedling Swap May 12th

Amanda (Collins) LeClair
Good Food Box Coordinator
Coordinatrice de la Boîte de Bonne Bouffe



Lights Out for a Good Cause: Earth Hour 2012

The City of Greater Sudbury encourages residents to participate in Earth Hour 2012. Earth Hour will take place from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 31. During this time, cities, businesses and individuals around the world are asked to turn off their lights to show that it is possible to take action on climate change.

"I am pleased to promote such a simple initiative that really does go a long way," said Mayor Matichuk. "Reducing the effects of climate change is a priority for countries around the world and I encourage all community members and businesses to turn off their lights to promote environmental stewardship for a sustainable future."

On a municipal level, the City will participate in Earth Hour by reducing lighting in and around its facilities as much as safely possible. Residents who are unable to turn off all lights during the hour are encouraged to reduce non-essential lighting.

Earth Hour was pioneered in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund-Australia. It is designed to raise awareness of climate change and to symbolize that by working together, the people of the world can make a difference in the fight against global warming. The inaugural Earth Hour saw 2.3 million participants in Sydney, Australia saving 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. To participate, citizens are encouraged to register at

"It's great to see leadership on reducing energy use and addressing climate change. We encourage everyone to take part in Earth Hour, and to continue energy saving habits year round," says Tamara Gagnon, Program Director at reThink Green, a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to affecting positive environmental change in Greater Sudbury.

The City of Greater is involved with numerous environmental initiatives, including the land reclamation program and the Lake Water Quality Program, which promotes the stewardship and protection of the City’s 330 lakes. Recently, City Council also approved the development of an education campaign and by-law to reduce unnecessary idling.

To find out more about these and other initiatives visit the


Media contact:

Shannon Dowling, Corporate Communications City of Greater Sudbury, 705-674-4455, ext. 2539 Facebook: Twitter: @greatersudbury


Take two minutes to protect a unique lake and old growth red pine forest in the Sudbury area

Did you know that only ~1.2% of old growth red pine forest remains in the world?  Did you know that the largest remnant is at Wolf Lake, an old growth red pine forest within the limits of Greater Sudbury, unique not only to Canada, but globally as well?

The good news is that the Ontario government has recently decided to retain the Forest Reserve designation for Wolf Lake Old Growth Forest.

The bad news is that this still allows for exploration and development of existing mining claims and leases

Wolf Lake needs to be brought into the parks system, as part of the Chiniguchi Waterway Park, which sandwiches it to the north and south, to properly protect this old growth forest, and the Chiniguchi river system.

Please consider taking the following actions:

-  Send a pre-written fax to Premier McGuinty:

-  Call Minister Bartolucci:  705-675-1914.

Ask that Wolf Lake be brought into the Chiniguchi Waterway Park AND that the existing mining claims and leases NOT be renewed.

-  Share this call to action with others!  Please forward to your contacts and networks.

-   Sign this petition

To see the official posting, go to: <>

For news coverage, see: <> <> <>



Link to EarthCare Newsletter

Link to Earthcare Newsletter archives 
































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